SLNT partners with NCrypt in digital privacy crusade

January 29, 2019 3 min read

SLNT partners with NCrypt in digital privacy crusade

Silent Pocket partners with NCryptin digital privacy crusade

Responding to increasing vulnerability of public and corporate online data security, leading Faraday bag and RFID (radio frequency identification) manufacturer, Silent Pocket has joined forces with Australia’s NCrypt Cellular, providing a one-stop online destination for those who take privacy seriously.

As Australia’s own secure phone repair and service experts, NCrypt seized the chance to partner with Silent Pocket and “close the loop” on the kind of breaches that have infamously wreaked havoc from retail to banking and beyond. Offering a full range of US patented Faraday cage bags, RFID cases and sleeves and Faraday phone cases, Silent Pocket protects devices from the outside world of data theft and mining.

Our Faraday products allow anyone to gain more daily privacy and security. We believe your life deserves more peace of mind and we are here to help as an analog solution complementing digital security provided by our newest partner, NCrypt.”Aaron Zar, Silent Pocket on integrating personal style and utility with essential safeguards for privacy and data security

Online data privacy remains a hot topic in the public forum as personal data has become a genuine commodity to both legitimate businesses and endeavors that tread closer to the legislative line. By pooling resources to increase awareness and encourage individuals and businesses alike to take the next logical step towards safeguarding personal data, NCrypt and Silent Pocket hope to further reduce the damaging effects of cybercrime.

Is this a war that can’t be won?

Probably! Those that exploit security loopholes will always find and prey on the unprepared, careless or ambivalent. Unfortunately, vigilance has to be constant which is hard work, potentially costly and exhausting. The consequences of letting the guard down though can be both commercially and personally devastating.

Unfortunately, we see it (cybercrime) far more often than we should because accessing and misusing data is, by and large, much easier than it should be”, explains Ncrypt Cellular’s CTO Alex Kesik. Our aim is to make it significantly easier for businesses and individuals to secure their data and control the use and dissemination of what is essentially their private property. Our partnership with Silent Pocket further demonstrates our commitment to what is essentially a battle to maintain privacy and choice.”

NCrypt understands that trying to successfully educate the public about the vulnerability of their devices, networks and platforms demands a long-term commitment. And it’s a war that can’t be won by the efforts of just one business. Galvanizing the joint efforts of companies like Silent Pocket and NCrypt in service of individuals and commercial entities by looking after online privacy needs, may not win the war, but it certainly won’t be lost either.

About NCrypt Cellular

Security and privacy at your fingertips

Security of data and information shouldn’t be a hit and miss affair and Ncrypt Cellular is a recognized industry expert in secure phones, networks, tools and accessories sales, installations and peace mind. They believe that commercial security of data is a must and personal security of information is a right. At the end of the day, you need to be sure, now you can be.

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Silent Pocket partners with NCrypt in digital privacy crusade Responding to increasing vulnerability of public and corporate online data security.
Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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