Silent Pocket's Father's Day Gift Guide

June 09, 2017 3 min read

Silent Pocket's Father's Day Gift Guide

Our fathers are special people in our lives.  They’ve laughed with us, cried with us, taught us to throw a ball, chaperoned our first school dance, and tried to instill the proper morals and values along the way.

After a lifetime of hand-holding, encouragement, and giving us the advice we need to hear (as opposed to want to hear),  we should all make an effort to show Pops just how much we love and care about him.

We all know it’s not always easy to find that perfect present, so without further adieu, here is Silent Pocket’s 2017 Father’s Day gift guide:


Faraday Phone Sleeve 

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and while convenient, they leave all of us vulnerable to hacks, GPS tracking, and phishing scams.  Give your dad the unique and thoughtful gift of phone security and privacy with one of our Faraday Phone Sleeves.  Simply drop the phone all the way inside the sleeve, and the patented magnetic enclosure will snap shut, instantly blocking ALL wireless signals to and from your smartphone.


Key Fob Guard

 silent pocket key fob guard protector rfid blocking faraday cage sleeve pouch

Did you know hackers can intercept your smart key’s signal, extract the unique car code found inside, and replicate it to open your car and drive off with it without your knowledge?! Electronic car theft is becoming rampant and the only way to prevent it is the use of a Silent Pocket Key Fob Guard.  Drop your smart key inside the sleeve, snap it shut, and your smart key’s signal and code are protected.  Dad needs one of these for his baby!


Webcam Privacy Stickers

Hackers can remotely turn on the webcams in your smartphone, tablet, and laptop without the light coming on or your knowledge at all that it even happened.  You children could be at risk of unwittingly exposing themselves to a digital peeping tom.  The most simplistic guard against this is the use of webcam privacy stickers.  Peel off one of the 24 stickers that come on a sheet, and place over the webcam.  Remove and replace when needed.


FUJIFILM X100S Series Digital Camera
fujifilm x100s digital camera silent pocket father's day gift guide 2017 silent pocket

The FUJIFILM X100S is a modern upgrade on a very classic camera - the X100.  With its retro feel and looks, coupled with its advanced features, the X100S is the only digital camera your father will need during his travels.  If you want to get him an extremely hip gift with exceptional functionality, look no further than this black little gem.


Grapes 4000 Black Electronic Device Charger

Grapes Black 4000 Silent Pocket father's day gift guide 2017 

The ‘Grapes 4000 Black’ electronic device charger is the perfect gift for any dad on the go.  We sometimes find ourselves off of the beaten path with the battery life of our phones waning a little too quickly for comfort.  That’s where the 4000 Black comes into play.  It has all the extra power you’ll need to charge your iPhone or Android.



Braven BRV-XXL Outdoor Wireless Speaker 
braven silent pocket father's day gift guide 2017

If your father gets out into nature or enjoys some loud tunes while at the beach, there may not be a cooler gift for him this year than the Braven BRV-XXL Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker.  With a powerful 15,600mAh built-in battery, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 14 hours of quality and immersive sound.


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