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SLNT® 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

December 10, 2021 2 min read

SLNT® 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2021 Holiday Season is here!

Every holiday season is the time of new devices for yourself or your friends and family! There's nothing better than starting the new year off fresh with a new phone, tablet, or laptop.

Unfortunately, we can't forget about our mobile privacy, security, and health that goes along with these new devices. Especially as our world continues to open up more, and more things move online (metaverse, car keys on our phone, mobile drivers licenses, etc.)

Here is our guide based on the latest tech:


slnt faraday sleeves for phones

If you're upgrading to the iPhone 13 or Galaxy S21 this season, our small and medium sleeves are a great combination.

The Small Sleeve will fit your standard or mini phone Without a case. But let's face it, this is your new smartphone protection.

The Medium Sleeve will fit all the Pro Max/Plus sized smartphones with a THIN case. We don't think you need a case, but if you favor the bigger otterbox style cases, look no further than our Medium Utility.


slnt faraday sleeves for laptops

New Macbook Pro? No Problem. The latest 14 and 16 Inch Macbook Pros, Microsoft Surface, or Equivalent Devices are a perfect fit for our Faraday Laptop Sleeves.

Horizontal or Vertical options for your preferred method of carry.


slnt large and extra large tablet sleeves

Drop your new iPad or Galaxy Tab into our Large or Extra Large Faraday Sleeves.

Large fits all standard sized tablets, Extra Large for your 11 Inch Ipad Pro or larger Galaxy Tab's.

If you have a 12.9" iPad Pro or equivalent tablet, you will need to look our Laptop Sleeves for protection.

Dry Bags

slnt faraday dry bags with multiple devices

The Faraday Dry Bag Collection is what you need for an on-the-go off-the-grid adventure. Giving any device inside complete signal blocking security and protection from the elements. Our three options can fit up to a tablet inside and offer privacy, security, and health.


slnt faraday backpack

The Waterproof Faraday Backpack is for when you need to carry everything and the kitchen sink. Designed to be your travel catch all, providing privacy, security, and health for any mobile device inside. The added Waterproof Protection means that this is your new travel partner in everything from a daily commute, long distance flight, or just a trip to the coffee shop.

For extra sizing questions please refer to our sizing page!

Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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