SLNT® x Myntex®: Complete Digital Security

April 08, 2022 2 min read

SLNT® x Myntex®: Complete Digital Security

SLNT x Myntex offer complete digital security

In pursuit of working with like-minded companies in the journey to offer Privacy, Security, and Health to all; we have identified Myntex and their flagship product Chatmail™.

From Myntex:

"ChatMail™ prevents anyone from eavesdropping through multiple encryption layers and security protocols.  For many of our clients, the increasing risks of cybersecurity threats have led executives to realize the benefits of implementing security policies, adopting the use of secure phones with end-to-end encryption. ChatMail is the right solution for this purpose.

By using a simple yet elegant interface; styling matters to us as well as anonymity. We configure our phones to ensure your conversations and content are secure. Whether your communications are in transit, or your data is at rest—our customized, tamper-proof phones and proprietary CAMP encryption protocol protects your device from being tracked, cracked, or monitored.

ChatMail prohibits you from online browsing or installing third-party apps, which make other phones vulnerable to cyber-attacks or spying, because ChatMail devices are uniquely engineered for security. Designed for privacy, ChatMail phones cannot let hackers turn on your camera or listen to your conversation by hijacking the microphone on your device."

The combination of the using both Chatmail's security integration and the SLNT Faraday cage offers the user complete Privacy, Security, and Health.

The truth is that a phone isn't just a phone these days, it also holds all of your emails, messages, financial, personal, and work information. All in the palm of your hands. 

Which means that it is more important than ever before to make sure it is private and secure.

While we work hard to offer each and everyone the option to drop off the grid anywhere from the coffee shop, to the office or airport, and into an operation. We recognize that we can't do it all. Myntex adds an added element of digital security that anyone can use.

A SLNT Faraday sleeve is an easy addition to everyday life, and exists in a form that is at home in any situation.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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