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5 Tips On Cyber Security For Small Businesses

January 25, 2018 3 min read

5 Tips On Cyber Security For Small Businesses

According to US Congressman Steve Chabot, 71% of cyber-attacks are on small businesses with less than 100 employees. Of those small businesses that do get attacked, 60% of those businesses go out of business within the next 6 months. This is alarming statistics for small business owners. With small businesses, most owners and employees are not the most familiar with the best cyber practices. Most small businesses don’t have their cyber security up to par or have the know how to prevent these attacks. Here are 5 basic tips on preventing cyber-attacks for your small business.

1. Secure Your Wi-Fi

One of the easiest ways to access your sensitive data is through your Wi-Fi. You should make sure your Wi-Fi network is only accessible through employees and approved personnel. The Wi-Fi network should be secure and hidden. It is advised to setup the Wi-Fi where none of the employees know the password to it. If you need Wi-Fi for customers and employees to use for personal use, it is recommended to get a separate Wi-Fi for guests. This will prevent unwanted threats accessing your main Wi-Fi with your sensitive data.

2. Update Computers And Software

It is vital to regularly update your computers and to make sure your computers’ operating systems and browsers are up to date with all the latest versions. Updating your computer and browser will ensure the latest protection against threats. It is important for your computers to also have anti-virus software and firewall software. You should keep this software up to date and scanning for threats after you update your computer or any software.

3. Create Strong Passwords

It’s important that employees know the proper protocol and procedures when it comes to cyber security.  Employees should create passwords that contain uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. The stronger the password the harder it is to breach into your business’s system. All accounts should have a two-step verification sign in process which adds another layer of protection for your business. Employees should never share their account information including their passwords with other employees or outside personnel. You should also consider changing all passwords every 6 months.


4. Secure All Mobile Devices

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For small businesses that have traveling workers, remote workers, or have employees in and out of meetings with other companies/customers, it is important to secure their mobile phones and laptops. Security breaches are common from coffee shops, airports, or anywhere else with public unsecure Wi-Fi. The best practices for all mobile devices is to get a VPN and encrypt your data. It is also recommended to get a Faraday Cageor Faraday Laptop Sleeve. These products will protect your sensitive data from any type of hacker and instantly blocks all Wireless Signal, Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC.  The Faraday Laptop Sleeve will instantly enhance your daily privacy, security and valuable data stored on your laptop.

5. Back Up All Data Frequently

It is important that you back up all data as frequently as possible. You can store the backup information on the cloud or on an actual hard drive. Wherever you decide to store it, it is recommended to use encryption and strong passwords to open these files. A backup of data is especially important if your information ever gets lost or stolen.

As small business owners, it is imperative to invest time and money into cyber security. Be proactive and use these tips to get your security up to date to prevent all future threats. The best treatment is prevention. You should focus on setting up prevention measures as well as establish a protocol and procedures for your employees to follow in regards to cyber security. Take caution and learn more about what you can do to keep your information and data safe.


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Amanda Fitzjerrells

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