How A Social Media Hiatus Changed My Perspective

January 26, 2018 3 min read

Social Media Detox by Silent Pocket

Technology is slowly being integrated into our everyday lives which has many benefits as well as consequences. We are constantly on our phones, computers, and tablets whether it’s for work, school, or leisure. We even enjoy passing the time looking at random memes or Facebook videos that add no value to our life. We have even hit a point where it is a literal phrase “pictures or it didn’t happen.” We no longer are living in the now, we are living in this internet based world where our perception is skewed on what really matters. People’s main concerns are getting more Instagram like or trying to be Instagram famous.

Where do we draw the line?

When do we step back to reevaluate how we are using this technology and whether it is hindering us or enhancing our everyday?

I do believe every once in a while we should go on a technology hiatus. Obviously with work and things of that nature it is hard to completely be device free, but we can always detox from social media. I challenge you to completely shut yourselves out and isolate yourselves from the social media world and enjoy the present moment. I learned a lot of positive things happen from this social media hiatus.

The first thing I learned was you oddly enough have a lot more free time and with that free time you usually spend it do something more fun than being on Instagram like riding your bike or going on hikes. My goal was to get outside more and enjoy the scenery. I am a big fan of National Geographic’s’ Instagram Account so I figured instead of liking pictures with awesome views, I would go on hikes that have breathtaking views. Guess what? The scenery and views are even better in person! Crazy concept, I know. Removing yourself from social media also allows you to be more social. I said that right, MORE SOCIAL. I was more social because I wasn’t awkwardly starring at my phone or texting someone completely irrelevant. I was more likely to spark up a conversation with people around me and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I would go to Happy Hour and instead of focusing on the perfect shot of my margarita, I actually enjoyed drinking it and was able to meet new people and hear about their lives, perspectives, and views. I was able to interact with everyone who was with me at that moment in time and it was a great feeling. Also too, I realized the more you engage with people around you, the more likely they would put their phones down as well. It was similar to a ripple effect and I loved being the start of it.

I also discovered that I am more efficient at work and more detail oriented when I am not looking at social media during the work day. I was able to get my work done faster than I usually do allowing me to focus on personal development and completing other work tasks. It is so rewarding and crazy how productive you can be when you have minimal distractions!

Don’t get lost in the world of social media. Remember who you really are, not who you are perceived as on social media. My last words and thoughts on a social media hiatus: I say give it a try. It is truly incredible to see what one week without social media can do for you. I was able to be more focused on the things that truly matter which included my work, family, friends, and being present.

Amanda Fitzjerrells
Amanda Fitzjerrells

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