Telecom Industry Furthers Its Monopoly At Our Expense

May 09, 2017 3 min read

Telecom Industry Furthers Its Monopoly At Our Expense



It seems like you can’t go five minutes without reading or hearing about another play from corporate entities to secure their profits at our collective expense, and this latest one is a doozy.

The telecom industry is quietly and successfully lobbying for, and passing, state bills all across the country that deregulate the meager laws that currently dissuade these giants like Verizon and AT&T from putting up intrusive and medically dangerous equipment all over every square inch of America.


It’s Good To Be King


If you’re one of the handful of companies that get to control data transmission in the US, life is good.  All you have to do these days is get your lobby money into the right greasy palms, and your laws will be made, regardless of the negative effect(s) it will have on the populace.

A perfect case in point is the telecommunications industry, which has been successfully lobbying the FCC and 17 states so far in order to pass legislation that deregulates the oversight needed to keep these companies from putting up noisy, bulky, and potentially harmful equipment in the name of rolling out the new 5G and “small cell” tower technologies.


What Are Small Cell Site and 5G Technologies?


5g | small cell site | telecom 


In short, an abundance of small cell sites will eventually make up the backbone of the new and stronger 5G (G for gigahertz) signals the telecom industry will start rolling out this year.

A small cell site is named as such, in small part, because it is designed to replace older, larger macro-cell towers that we already see all over.  It’s also somewhat of a misnomer because the towers and equipment associated with them can still be quite large, noisy, and takes away from the aesthetics of the area.  The main reason they’re called small cell sites is because the signal is designed to go only a small distance (10 meters to a few kilometers) away, so the name can mislead the public if people do not understand their true purpose.

5G is simply the next installment of the newest, stronger signal technology.  For example, we started cellular service with 3G, moved up to 4G, then LTE, and now 5G is within sight.

And while on paper this seems like the next logical step in our wireless progress, these technologies do come at a cost.


Do We Really Want Cell Towers Everywhere? 


small cell site tower 5g


The new bills being passed have really opened the floodgates for the telecom industry.  They are now allowed to place these “small” cells everywhere you can possibly think of in the public’s right-of-way.  This means bus stations, parks, libraries, next to schools and people’s houses, hospitals, and everywhere else you can imagine.

Along with all of these new small sites will be an even greater influx of harmful radiation that can cause problems with sleep, headaches, and even prevent DNA from being repaired by the body at night.

There will be noisy cooling fans, large lead batteries, electric meters, giant metal boxes, and of course the towers they’re installed on; and because of these bills, the municipalities will have no legal recourse to stop them from putting them everywhere.

The plans in place currently call for the small cell tower to human ratio to become 1 in 500.  This means that the densification of the towers and signals will be beefed up significantly, which will expose all of us to this wanted radiation 24/7 without anywhere to escape it.


What Can We Do About It?


keep calm and call your congressman


Unfortunately, we cannot force our lawmakers to protect their constituency, but we can call their offices and make our voices heard.

If we do not hold our politicians and representatives accountable, they’ll continue to fill their campaign coffers and personal bank accounts with dirty money, and sell us down the river in the process.



Josh Bare
Josh Bare

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