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The Workplace of the Future

March 14, 2019 1 min read

faraday bathroom

While in many careers and industries technology and smart phones are a part of the daily workflow, what about the other places where smart phone use takes away from productivity?

Is a Faraday Cage bathroom the future? If you've worked any retail, food industry, or customer service job in the last 5 years then you probably went to the bathroom and looked at instagram for 10 minutes longer than you need as a faux break.

This is why a company in Northern California hired General Contractor, JR Zar Inc., to make a Faraday Bathroom for their business.

This bathroom of the future is completely wrapped in 20 gauge sheet metal, all joints are EMF sealed using copper metal tape, and all the metal is grounded.

Faraday Bathroom 1

Faraday Bathroom 3

So will more companies adopt this in the future?

Or maybe they'll require that their workers carry their phones in Faraday Sleeves?

If you are interested in making your own Faraday Bathroom, or perhaps even a small box, take a look at our standalone Multishield™ Faraday Material and tape for all of your projects.


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