They Know Who Your Phone Spends Time With

August 25, 2021 2 min read

They Know Who Your Phone Spends Time With

Why Use Silent Pocket Daily?

We advocate the use of Faraday Sleeves in everyday life for Privacy, Security, and Health. In short, because we think that technology has invaded too many parts of our lives, and these products allow you to take back your present day from these tech giants.

These companies are actively tracking not only our location and our habits, but also who we (or our phones) are near.

The story below happened to one of our customers shortly after receiving a Faraday Sleeve, that they have since turned into a daily carry.


"A true story from this week in NYC:
I chatted for about 20 minutes or so the other day with a guy, let's say "Sam," who lives in my building. It's the first real chat I've had with him in 10 years. Not the sort I would hang out with.
I learned his last name for the first time, and he spelled it for me.
A few days later, he came up as a suggested friend in Facebook, same face and name. No doubt our devices were talking to each other and Google/Apple/FB contact traced us. I learned about all of this through Rob Braxman. He interested me in privacy and then I found Silent Pocket.
I told Sam this last night when I saw him at the elevator. He said the same thing happened to him, my name and face came up. He was freaked out.
So this is what Facebook, Google, and Apple are all doing together, cooperatively.
I did not have my phone in my Silent Pocket case at the time. It is never leaving my apartment again unless it is in my case or a dry bag or another good Faraday protector. And I'm getting a SIM card wallet, so I can remove the SIM from my phone whenever I need, or rotated with other SIM cards, and not lose it.
My devices cannot detect each other's Bluetooth signals or receive incoming calls when one is inside my Silent Pocket, even if they're on top of each other. I test it often and it works.
Thank you."
Moral of the story is that we might think that we have nothing to hide, but does that mean that these companies should have this much power over our daily lives?
Break the connection, store your device in Faraday Sleeves when you don't actively need them, and take back your Privacy, Security, and Health.
Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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