Thieves are using bluetooth to find your devices

November 22, 2019 2 min read

Thieves are using bluetooth to find your devices

How many times have you left your phone in your car while you went into the store?

Or maybe you left your laptop for in your when you grabbed lunch Tuesday?

You need to stop.

While car break-ins are not new, there has been an increasing amount that appears to be targeted specifically towards electronic devices. We are talking about leaving your laptops, tablets, phones, and anything with a potential Bluetooth signal, in your car while it is unattended.

The thefts in question use Bluetooth scanners to search for devices inside cars that have their Bluetooth turned on. These scanners are even available as an application for your iPhone or Android phone and uses your phone's own Bluetooth signal to look for others. While you obviously will not be trying to pair with the thief's scanner, the scanner will register any device that has Bluetooth turned on.

The victims are finding that even if they had money or other valuables in the car, the thieves only take the electronic devices.

Right now it looks like the bulk of these thefts occur in centralized tech-heavy areas such as Silicon Valley, San Jose, and Walnut Creek. However, there have also been cases internationally that may have been under similar circumstances.

For now, Police recommend shutting off your Laptop before storing and if you are going to leave a phone or tablet or phone to make sure that Bluetooth is turned off.

We recommend storing your devices in Faraday Bags, which would allow you to not have to turn your device off.

Our Patented Faraday Collection is available in all sizes for any sized device(s).

Brandon L
Brandon L

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