How to Prepare for End of Year Travel

September 19, 2020 1 min read

How to Prepare for End of Year Travel

We understand that traveling at this time is not for everyone, but if you decide to take that risk then we believe you may benefit from these precautions.

With borders beginning to open up and flights increasing, are you taking the right steps to protect your Privacy, Security, and Health while on the move?

While in the United States, Contact Tracing is supposedly on an opt-in basis but this is not the case elsewhere. If you want to travel freely in the future, then there are some necessary precautions to take.

It is now paramount to travel with your devices secured in Faraday Sleeves. Our phones are actively tracking our location and we are at a time when we do not know who is watching.

Adopt a Faraday Sleeve for your phone into your everyday travel kit, this will prevent any contact tracing and allow you to freely move about your destination. Be sure to advise any friends and family that are about to embark on an adventure as well!

Furthermore, with more of our lives online than ever before, it is important to make sure that our Laptops are completely secure while traveling through airports and when we get to our destination. We may know the standards around our home, but it is necessary to take that extra precaution while away. Nothing worse than being away from home and losing everything; make sure to back up your devices before leaving!

For that extra layer, carry your devices in a Faraday Backpack or Duffel Bag, this allows complete security and will blend in with all surrounding travelers.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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