Travel is back! Are you prepared?

March 19, 2022 1 min read

Travel is back! Are you prepared?

Are you prepared to begin traveling again?

While we know that travel didn't really go away, you can't deny that there has been heightened measures while flying these days.

It has become a land filled with check boxes and declarations that you haven't been sick recently...

And in some cases, countries force you to download apps to track your whereabouts during your stay. There are many cases of contact tracing not working to the countries advantage, but if it is here to stay there are still workarounds to move within these countries freely.

SLNT Faraday sleeves for phones


A Faraday Sleeve for your phone will block your phone from being tracked when you land at your destination until you get to your hotel. Allowing you to travel within a place freely with Peace of Mind that your movements are only yours.


slnt faraday laptop sleeve


Larger Faraday Sleeves for laptops and tablets protect your personal and work information from being accessed while moving throughout an airport, or tracked via bluetooth or location services. If you didn't know, your computer does a lot while it's "asleep."


slnt faraday backpacks


For a catchall, try switching out your normal backpack or bag with a Faraday one. An easy integration into everyday life by allowing you to carry all of your belongings with the extra knowledge that all of your electronic devices are shielded where ever you travel to.

And as always, stay safe. If you're looking for hardward related tips while traveling, check out our other blogs.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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