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Travel Safety Tips For Personal & Business Trips

May 24, 2018 3 min read

travel safety tips

Read Time: 5 MinutesThis article was updated on 3/20/2023
Travel safety tips to make your trip as safe and fun as possible! Preparation is always key. Here are some travel security tips to know before you leave for your next adventure. Safe travels!

1. Research Where You Are Going

Research the city and country you are traveling to. This is especially important if you are traveling out of the country. You should always know if there are any economic, social, or political events/issues currently present within the country you are traveling to. You should also know how these events and issues effect the citizens. Researching where you will be going is important for your safety and protection.

2. Leave Itinerary With A Trusted Family/Friend

It is important for a trusted family member or friend has copies of your day-to-day itinerary as well as flight and tour documents. This is a precaution and for your travel safety. You should make an effort if possible to check-in and ensure the vacation or trip is going as planned. Once again, sharing your plans with a trusted friend is for your safety and well being.

3. Backup And Update All Devices

It is essential to backup and update all your devices you are bringing on your trip. This is highly recommended in case your device is stolen or lost. Updating your devices is important, so your laptops and phones are less likely to get hacked.

4. Notify Your Banks About Travel Plans

It is important to notify your banks about all your travel plans. Notifying your banks will help banks watch your transactions and purchases accordingly. Notifying your bank also saves you the headache of having to call your bank in regards to suspicious or fraudulent activities.

5. Use A RFID Passport Wallet

RFID passport walletIt is important to have your passport easily accessible and in a secure location. SLNT RFID Passport Wallet is RFID shielding and will secure and protect your passport, licenses, and credit cards. This RFID wallet will give peace of mind knowing your passport is safe and out of hackers’ hands, while preventing data leaks.

6. Bring An Old Phone

It is advised to bring an old mobile phone when traveling in case your phone gets lost or stolen. This way you don’t lose your newest phone and lose your important sensitive data.

7. Bring A Carry-on Backpack

Faraday backpackYou should bring a carry-on backpack especially for long flights. You should put important items like medications, travel documents, toothbrush, makeup, spare clothes, and electronic devices in your carry-on backpack. Having a carry-on backpack helps keep all your items in one convenient and secure place. SLNT’s Faraday Backpack blocks all signals to and from your devices which gives you protection against digital hackers for travel safety. This 20L backpack is the perfect size for travel and has the ability to roll down smaller. This backpack is durable, compact, and versatile.

8. Encrypt Your Laptop’s Data

It is highly recommended to encrypt your laptop’s data when traveling internationally especially if it is for business. Encrypting your data ensures your files and your clients files don’t fall into the wrong hands. Only bring files essentials to your work and trip and delete the rest from your laptop. Encrypting your data is an extra layer of security and ultimately will give you peace of mind.

9. Use A Faraday Laptop Bag & Faraday Phone Bag

Faraday Laptop bagThe Faraday phone bagand Faraday laptop sleeveare perfect for travel safety. These Faraday bags will increase your mobile privacy and overall digital security while providing continuous data protection by instantly blocking all signals to and from your devices. This will secure your data and location while traveling. This makes traveling easier and less stressful.

Take these tips into consideration before your next trip to ensure a safe and headache-free trip! Digital security is extremely important when flying internationally. Make sure your data and information are protected. Happy and safe travels!

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