Travel tips for the upcoming Holiday Season

November 01, 2018 4 min read

Holiday Travel

 The holiday season is right around the corner and many of you are traveling to get away and see family. Therefore it is the perfect time for us at Silent Pocket to share some of our tips and tricks for getting through the airport and enjoying your flight during the Holiday Travel season.


This may seem pretty self explanatory, but plenty of people do not come prepared for traveling.

First steps leading up to the trip are to:

  • Make sure all your itinerary is in order!
  • While many airlines and phones have apps these days, it is helpful to print out a copy of your boarding pass(es) and keep them with you. 
  • Write down the address of where you're going for when you land. Phones die, WiFi can be scarce, and you may not know the language where you are headed. Therefore if you have a physical copy you can always show a taxi driver the address and get to your destination.
  • Make copies of your passport, and all of your itinerary. Put it all together before you leave and give it to a person you trust.
  • Let your banks know you are traveling, many banks have the ability to do this through their apps but this can also be done over the phone or in person.
  • Take out cash, many atm's and oversees purchase fees are pretty reasonable these days for when you have arrived. But its better to be prepared in case of theft or loss
  • Put your boarding pass(es), addresses, and copies of your passport(s) all in one document. Keep this document on your phone and print out a copy for yourself and bring it with you.

Alright so you've got everything sorted and it's time to head to the airport but what is next?

  • If you're traveling oversees there's no need to carry multiple wallets, our Passport Wallet is perfect to keep your passport and any cards you need safe and secure. Perfect for traveling and if you are commuting to or from the airport via public transportation. #mindthegrid
  • Have those extra copies of your itinerary handy and within easy access.
  • Keep your computer, tablet, camera, etc. in an easy to access place. No one is happy when they see someone take our their whole bag to get their computer out. If you need a sleeve, check out our Laptop Sleeve to keep it secure in your bag.
  • Bring a sweater or sweatshirt, you might be warm at first but it gets cold, especially on longer flights.
  • Wear socks, just do it.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to take off and put back on. Once you've gotten through security you want to be able to get to your gate or go grab a bite quick. 
  • Men: If you wear a belt normally, wear pants that don't require it to get through security or just know you're going to have to take it off.
  • Pack snacks, the airport is expensive and whatever you bring with you is going to be better for you. It will save you on the longer flights, especially if you didn't pay for the meal.
  • Organize the cords you're going to need for your trip; phone, laptop, camera, etc. and keep them in a place or a small bag so you're not digging through them to get to what you're looking for on the flight.
  • Bring a good book. There's no better place to get lost in a book.
  • If you are going to work on the flight make sure you have everything you need on your computer and accessible offline.
  • Charge everything before hand and actually turn off your computer or laptop pre flight. Many flights have power these days, but you never know. A portable charger is worth looking into for your phone/tablet.
  • Nothing is worse than going to watch a movie an hour in and everything you have is dead. This is a much worse version of watching the clock in middle school.
  • Headphones, those standard apple ones work well on your day to day but on a longer flight you are gonna appreciate a good over the ear set.
  • Our backpack or dry bagare perfect travel companions
  • Stretch. This may seem like an odd one, but once you're on the flight you will appreciate it. Tighter muscles leads to more uncomfortable sitting.

Alright now you're packed and ready to go:

  • When you've gotten to the airport have your passport and itinerary out and ready to show the attendant. Everyone is trying to get somewhere and rummaging through your bag at the front is just not fun.
  • Once you have checked in take your itinerary and identification and put it in a place that is secure but easy to get to, security is still up.

Now that you have gotten through security:

  • Try and find a good meal, your body will appreciate it and even if you're not hungry now. You will be once you have take off.
  • Pick up water, it's a necessity in everyday life and even more so when you fly.

Now board the plane and have a great time on your trip! Keep your itinerary handy for when you've landed and have to get to your accommodation. 


Check out some of our travel tips for preparing for the airport and enjoying your flight! Some ways to get your prepared and ready for your next adventure during the Holiday Season!


Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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