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What is Better for Smartphone Security?

August 27, 2014 2 min read

So Which Is Better for Smartphone Security?  Airplane Mode or Turning It Off? 

The Myth: Turning on airplane mode or turning your phone off keeps it completely secure.

Give us a moment to debunk this myth that turning on airplane mode is as good as turning off the phone. A smartphone, in addition to a battery, has upwards of 6 chips that can allow the phone to still send and receive signals when turned off or in airplane mode. After recent revelations thatNSA has the technology to bug phones that are turned off, it makes you wonder, what is the best way to secure a cell phone?

We’ve put together a brief Q&A to answer your questions:

Q: What is the difference between using a Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve vs. airplane mode?

A: Airplane mode is fine in certain situations, but is software and hardware dependent. Using a Silent Pocket, you are guaranteed to block all signal communication and connectivity.

Q: Why don't I just turn off my phone?

A: Some phones may still be active even though they appear to be turned off. Even though the phone seems to be off, it may still be able to remember or report your location. Slipping your phone into a patented Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve creates an electromagnetic barrier between the phone and the cellular network. You're simply off the grid.  No signals get in and no signals get out.

Q: Aside from my phone, what else can I use a Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve for?

A: To protect your identity by blocking RFID chipped passports, credit cards, smart keys, ID's, security badges, etc.

Q: Why Should I be concerned about GPS? Nobody is following me...

A: You’re probably right; however location based services are hot right now in technology, and it's just getting hotter. We expect them to come to a full boil this year; parents tracking their kids, employers tracking employees, companies using your everyday habits (where you shop, etc.) to market their wares. It’s a privacy issue - not everyone feels it’s intrusive, but for those who do, Silent Pocket® products can help.

Silent Pocket® is designed to protect the digital assets of your cell phone, credit cards, tablets, and soon laptops as well from data compromising situations, harmful radio frequencies, and tracking.

Once sealed inside one of the cases your device is completely secure - no signals will be sent or received from the phone. Not even your carrier will know where you are!

What are you currently doing to keep the sensitive data on your phone safe?

Curtis Jacobs
Curtis Jacobs

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