What is your nighttime routine? Remove your phone from it immediately.

February 28, 2020 2 min read

What is your nighttime routine? Remove your phone from it immediately.

It's so easy to check our phones before going to bed.

We take a look at our Instagram feed, even though we did not only moments ago. Checking to see if our favorite brand released something new or what are friends are up to on vacation. Or maybe you're taking one last look at your emails to see if anything jumps out as important.

This is wrecking your natural sleep patterns.

  1. We were meant at the end of the day to wind down, and looking at these screens cause our mind to keep going. We are taking in new information every time we look at our phones, so that "quick glance" can mean that much longer to fall asleep.
  2. These applications use the color blue for a reason. It reminds your brain of daylight. This is not usually a problem but can lead to some loss of sleep at night time.
  3. Our minds have become heightened towards listening for notifications. So that last-minute text you got right before sleep really set you back.
  4. Finally, you know what it's like to read that email or text that really shakes you during the day. But to see that at night... you're going to be counting sheep all night.

The first step is to cut off contact with your devices 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed. This allows your mind to disconnect and get ready for the night. To remove temptation we recommend storing your phone in a Faraday Sleeve, adding that extra step o getting your phone and making sure that you will not be notified from any social media, or texts and calls.

If you have kids that struggle with this, we recommend the locking faraday sleeve to limit their contact with their devices and to make sure that only you are accessing their phones.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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