Who is tracking your information?

January 17, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Who is tracking your information?

In the modern day, who is your tracking your information on a daily basis? Whether it is your location, your search results, or more. If you have been paying attention to the news it has increasingly come to light that your personal location is not being protected to its full extent.

Most recently, network providers, within the United States, have once again agreed to stop selling location information of their users to other parties. This information is being used to track people without their consent. While this has been said multiple times, A sells to B which sells to C etc., and it has been found that you can still find people for a small fee from any network provider.  

T-Mobile has said that their vendor, Zumigo, has been instructed to shut down transmitting their data to Microbilt, which will sell your information for the right price. They just recently re-iterated that by March, this information will not be shared any longer. In similar fashion, Spring has cut their ties with Zumigo for the same reasons, and AT&T has said that with the misuse of location services they will stop the aggregating of consumers location.

While some are attempting to bring this up to the FCC, they are currently refusing to meet on this "due to the government shutdown." While that may be, your location information is an utmost priority for your personal security.

Does this worry you?

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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Timothy LaRocque
Timothy LaRocque

February 19, 2019

Do calls still come through or are they blocked also?

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