Why Cybersecurity needs to be on your Radar

June 21, 2019 2 min read

Why Cybersecurity needs to be on your Radar

Cyber Security, A.K.A. protecting all of your valuable information in the modern age.

As our work lives and personal lives become more intertwined because of technology, the security measure need to change with it. Work computers no longer exist solely in the office space as more and more people travel for work, and work remotely; more so than that, many people do work after "business" hours on their phone whether it be emails, or calls.

So how do you as an Individual or an I.T. Manager secure your data?

Be weary of all applications and websites that are looking for your login information. Such as the multiple ones that offer "sign in with google" or "sign in with facebook." Instead, do yourself a favor and make a unique password for each website and application that requires a login and save that password in a separate document, or use one of the many password vault applications that use one master password. These are encrypted specifically for protecting your information.

If you are an I.T. Manager or the head of a company, require your staff with the most access to use two-factor authorization on all company accounts.

Personally, you can install a number of mobile security options on your phone, and/or change your normal computing internet, email, etc. practices to more secure versions.

If you really want to challenge out your company, Check out IBM's Tactical Operations Center to put yours through the test and fix any holes.

For easy analog security for you or anyone in your company, invest in Faraday Sleeves for all the computers and phones to secure the devices from location services, RFID, and more.


Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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