SLNT® Patented Faraday Products to Protect Your Cryptocurrency and NFT Assets

The inherent problem with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. and NFT's is that they completely exist online. With all transactions being digital, whatever you use to store your cryptocurrency assets has the potential to be hacked, tracked, or stolen due to the inherent design flaws of digital devices.

No matter what you are using, say a dedicated laptop, phone, tablet or hardware wallet, you are susceptible to digital threats. SLNT® exists as the premier solution for patented Faraday cage sleeves that block wireless signals in any situation. Allowing the user to have complete security over their digital financial assets from the minute they leave their door, to when they need to access their assets.

We designed our line to integrate easily into everyday life. Starting with regularly used forms (laptop and phone sleeves, backpacks, wallets, etc.) and integrating our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material to block all Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID/NFC, EMF radiation and any threats of EMP's or Solar Flare's. All wrapped up in a beautiful weatherproof nylon or real leather exterior.

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Product Selection

Product Selection

Faraday Sleeves

Our selection of Faraday Sleeves for Phones are our flagship products. Designed to offer a signal blocking solution for any device in a sleek and understated design to fit in with a daily carry.

These products utilize our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material, a patented magnetic closure, and available in our Weatherproof Nylon or Real Leather for your exact need.

Faraday Sleeves for Laptops

Our selection of Faraday Laptop Sleeves offer protection from all signals in a stylish understated form.

Utilizing an Exterior Waterproof Nylon, and Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material to deliver any always-ready solution.

Drop any device(s) in and know that any ingoing or outgoing signals are cut off, and your digital assets are secure.

Faraday Bags

Our selection of Faraday Backpacks and Dry Bags offer protection from both signals and the elements. The use of modern forms means that you are not out of place in a meeting, coffee shop, or airport.

Utilizing an Exterior Waterproof Nylon, and Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material to deliver any always-ready solution.

Drop any device(s) in and know that your devices are blocked from all incoming and outgoing signals, as well as any elements.

Utility Faraday Bags

The line of Utility Faraday Bags offer a signal blocking solution in a durable, grab-and-go, and easy to use design.

Combining our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material, an easy-to-use velcro closure, and a durable Weatherproof Nylon for an always ready signal blocking solution.

Available for a single smart phone or up to a laptop or multiple devices.

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Why SLNT®?


When SLNT® started our ethos was to create a signal blocking solution in a form that fit in with daily life. We've accomplished that with clean patented designs, premium materials, and for the cherry on top are military standard tested and easy to use.

Our products have been integrated into tech companies, military units, and personal uses due to their ease of use, protection standards, and finally because they do not look out of place in the field or on a city street.

For when you need a solution that always works.


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Tested for Compliance.

By placing a phone or device inside you instantly block Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMF, EMP protection, and Solar Flare.

It’s like magic.

Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage with Multishield® Faraday Shielding Blocks 100 dB+, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, EMP, EMF Radiation, and Solar Flare.

Shielding is MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, based on High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Testing.

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Because You Need It.

In the current state of the world everyone is more connected than ever before.

As much as people like to think that their location and information is private, you should be the first to know that the right group can access everything.

Take the first step by preparing for the worst instead of picking up the pieces.

We make it easy to secure personal or dedicated devices while moving between offices, commuting, or traveling with essential important information.

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The use cases are endless. What is yours?

Through our patents and years of design, we aim to make you a stand-alone and unique product that matches your needs.

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