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Ecom Marketing Manager


The SLNT E-com Marketing Manager develops and implements strategies that make online transactions possible. Their main focus is to drive website sales performance by analyzing, organizing, and developing website marketing plans. Using the brands’ vision they create email campaigns, educational blog content, and storewide events. They have a complete understanding of the customer journey.

With guidance from the brand manager, they will deliver our vision and mission through creative and clever strategies by capturing consumers’ attention, educating them on our why, and delivering compelling content that grows and maintains the SLNT customer base.



Support marketing to "relaunch" current products in new ways, plan out deliverables, and schedule current and future product launches. The goal is to learn what works and never go stale.

  • Use brands’ vision to "relaunch" current products in new ways, plan out deliverables, and schedule current and future ecom product launches.
  • Co-create, manage and implement our 12 monthly ecom marketing strategy
  • Create marketing strategies for Klaviyo optimization and implementation of new segments based on metrics in Shopify, social channels, promotions, products, and brand needs.
  • Project manager for storewide events. The cross-functional contact point between different teams, such as product development, social media, website maintenance, klaviyo, customer service, blog content, and creatives.
  • Track, analyze, and report storewide events, coupon codes, and GWP metrics

Social Media Management

With a focus on growth and engagement, plan out our strategy on all things social. Audit and set a baseline with forecasting on where we can be by end of year with the increases organic interaction, reach, followers, and engagement on all channels.

  • With a focus on growth and engagement, plan out our strategy calendar for all things social.
  • Audit and set a baseline with forecasting on where we can be by end of year with the increases in organic interaction, reach, followers, and engagement on all channels.
  • Facebook: Increase shares to reach audiences outside of the direct follower network. Build a community and set up a plan for growth on Facebook
  • Instagram: Increase followers by 100%, get verified account status and execute ideas within the social audit
  • Tiktok: Create content ideas and execute videos that we can use as ads, organic, and on reels
  • Twitter: Bring customers to our company/product. Breaking down the "wall" between company and consumer. Create conversations that provoke interaction. Increase follower count by 100% in the next 12 months and interactions by 100% in the next 6 months.
  • Pinterest: Scrub and create a board that educates people and promotes our products in the travel and Privacy, security, and health space
  • Youtube: Create defining content that brings people to our channel for privacy, security, and health reasons. Grow subscribers by 100%
  • Others: Stay a part of relevant conversations on Reddit, and Quora. (Hire and manage contractors to help support in commenting on campaigns.)
  • Ambassadors/Influencers: Identify a network of dedicated supporters and influencers that champion the brand
  • Ecom Marketing: Work with ecom marketing to Push Product launches, “Re-Launch” products, blog articles, storewide events, and downloadable content to various social media channels

Sales Channel Support

Enforce and execute our outbound content and voice strategically for the variety of ecom-specific channels website, blogs, emails, and social media.

The goal is to segment our market channels to match sales channels to provide the most on-brand experience, whether dtc, b2b or military direct.

Advertising support

Work in conjunction with Ads Manager and Brand Manager for social and search optimization. Have a deep understanding of the metrics and KPIs and deliver a comprehensive monthly report along side of Ads manager speaking to all aspects of content, assets, creative, copywriting, etc.

  • Inform the team on website traffic and all metrics associated with what works and what doesn't. The report needs to include ads, organic, social, affiliates, referrals, emails, and backlinks.


  • Within the e-com marketing calendar create weekly blog content that coincides with the brand voice and values of Privacy, Security, and Health
  • General copy-writing for emails. blogs, guides, etc
  • Subject line research

Website and New initiatives

  • Update and maintain website pages, text content, creative content, product pages, and blogs
  • Oversee website improvement projects.
  • Monitor website metrics; such as keywords, SEO, and backlinks
  • Gift-box monitoring and updates for in-stock products. ie gift with purchase above $200
  • Update imagery, copy, below the fold, and landing pages all in a manner that matches brand guidelines and keeps a consistent look and feel
  • Work with Operations and customer service manager to understand the customers’ journey on our website and how we can create or improve a marketing strategy for higher conversion.


Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to set priorities, multi-task, and meet deadlines and plan out what success looks like for SLNT.

Strong writing skills and ability to take technical details that surround SLNT and put into marketing laymen's terms, icons, graphics and materials that keep SLNT and it's products 100% clear on what, who and why they exist. Goal of getting a place where less is more.

Creative thinker who has their ear to the ground with what is happening in the world and how relevant new, trends, and events can play into SLNT

Ability to think outside the box through implementing something new for SLNT. When everyone else zigs let's zag and find what non conventional approach works for us.

Maintain Clear Communication between the different departments and how their different needs work together.

A quick learner who is able to problem solve and work towards a solution with an understanding of the first principle problem being solved for.

An analytical thinker who uses data to align and drive the business towards its goals and overall strategies.

Team-oriented with amazing communication skills, a positive attitude, and consistent energy.

Excellent time management and follow-up skills.

You can handle difficult situations with grace while under pressure.

Ability to be flexible in a start-up minded company where team has to wear different hats.


  • Wages, full time position

About Us

SLNT INC is a growing company that offers a premier product for an emerging market. We are small but strong team that will put in the extra work when necessary and expects this from any new hire.

How to Apply

*Contact w/ cover letter and resume