Instant Privacy, Security, and Health

Phones guide us to new places, connect us with loved ones, amplify our voices, and educate us about the world around us. Those things shouldn't be taken from you. Rather, we think they should be protected now more than ever.

Silent Pocket allows you to rest easy knowing your health, privacy and security are being protected from those trying to oppress, silence and monitor you.

"If you're reading this, you can buy it with confidence! What do I get the most? The question: "Does it work?" - People don't think it works, because they can't conceive that something so stylish, light and pratical is capable of solving one of the biggest issues nowadays witch is Control over your Privaçy, not the other way around!" - Pedro Neves

"If you want to disappear get the Silent Pocket. I dropped my Galaxy 9 wrapped in the Otterbox into the medium size Silent Pocket, closed the flap and the phone ceased to exist. Get it you won't be sorry, besides its fun to screw with Google" - Robert B.

"Love my new pouch. Yes, it works and I’ve been spreading the message!" - Esther Boateng

"Very happy with my purchase! Great quality works amazing and I didn’t even wait long for it to arrive! Already looking to make my next purchase!" - Sheryl

Let's get you geared up!

There are more than 8 billion phones in the world, a fact that threatens your privacy, security, and health. With Silent Pocket Faraday protection, you can regain control over your mobile devices.