When was the last time you went an entire day without your phone?

If you’re like many adults, it was the day before you bought your first iPhone. And since then its presence has become so normal that it’s almost impossible to imagine that you ever lived without it.

At SLNT, we want to equip you with tools to disconnect from these digital companions. Not forever, but just long enough to come back to it with a renewed perspective and healthier balance for years to come.


In a world of constant connection, stimulation, and notifications, it's easy to form a negative relationship with our phones.

We offer a simple fix for people who want to reclaim control of their time, habits, and lives. Just slide your device into one of our Faraday sleeves and unplug.


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Our phones give us access to the infinite possibilities of the internet and the world around us. But they also hook us in, attach us to the potential rewards and stimulation that are always a swipe away. It’s only by stepping away that we can experience the freedom of presence and detachment that comes by being fully present in the real world.


Our always-on lives and overpacked calendars can leave us feeling scattered, overwhelmed and with so much unfinished business that it’s unclear what to do next. Ironically, it’s when you finally step back, slow down and turn off all the inputs for a while that we rediscover clarity, and can come back to our daily lives more motivated, focused and clear on when to say “yes,” and when to let go.


Our brains are not designed for constant stimulation, which activates our fight-flight response, or our stress response. The variety of inputs, from messaging apps, to email, and every notification in between not only leaves dozens of tabs open on our screens, but also in our brains. By taking some time away we find what we were seeking all along, a sense of peace, calm and presence.


I’ve struggled with stepping away from my phone for hours at a time. Silent Pocket made it easy to have a physical barrier to prevent me from picking up my phone.


The phone sleeve makes it easy to set my phone in and forget about it while I read a book. Thank you for creating this option for us!


Struggle to disconnect from your phone? Look no further. This has changed me life.


I love putting my phone in my Silent Pocket after work and knowing that I won't be tempted with any notifications until I choose to reconnect again.