SLNT® Faraday products block all incoming and outgoing signals, making it impossible for you to be tracked. Simply put your device inside and you're untraceable.

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Our Faraday products use Multishield® Shielding Material to block all signal, including: Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, EMF Radiation, EMP/HEMP, Key Fobs, RFID/NFC, Sat/Nav, and, Solar Flares. When you place your device inside one of our products, your location data becomes inaccessible to external tracking attempts, shielding your whereabouts and protecting your privacy and security.

The short answer is yes—anyone with your cell phone number can track your GPS location. In the past, tracking someone’s location meant that you had to install a GPS tracker on their vehicle. Now, tracking a cell phone location in real-time with nothing more than a phone number is possible. Find location by number feature is also increasingly becoming more available.

Whether you use an iPhone or Android phone, someone can track you without your knowledge by simply getting you to click a link or download an app. It's not always clear that you're granting permission to share your location data.

In fact, you can find offers all over the internet advertising tracking services. Most major cell phone carriers offer services that allow sharing your location between friends and family members. Some spy apps even draw you in by offering to catch your cheating spouse.

If you value your privacy as much as we do, spyware and tracking apps are cause for concern for data leaks and lack in privacy.

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There are many ways to protect yourself from GPS tracking. Here are our recommendations:

1. Turn off location services.

If you want to protect yourself from GPS tracking, make sure your phone is not connected to any social media apps or online maps. If you're using an older model cell phone and want to avoid being tracked, turn off the GPS function altogether.

2. Use encrypted messaging apps.

The best encrypted instant messaging apps put your privacy and security first. Apps such as Signal and WhatsApp are popular for Android and iPhone users. These messaging apps have powerful encryption software that makes messages unreadable to anyone intercepting them without your permission.

3. Know who has access to your phone.

It's important to know where your phone is at all times and, most importantly, who has it. If someone can physically access your phone, they could install any number of malicious GPS tracking apps. Maintain a secure password or Face ID. Only share passwords with trusted individuals.

4. Keep your phone in a Faraday phone bag.

Our SLNT® Faraday products use Multishield® Faraday Shielding Material to block all signal. SLNT® Faraday products make tracking impossible so long as it remains inside the sleeve.

No, Faraday bags do not affect the battery life of your devices. Once you remove your device from the bag, it will reconnect and operate as usual.