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Multishield® Faraday Material

    • The Tried, Tested and True Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material is now available for any of your special DIY Projects!  This is the material used in the products you have come to know and love from Silent Pocket®. Make a larger box to secure a Generator from an EMP, Secure a Room, Protect your Emergency Radios, and more!
    • Shielding is MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, based on High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Testing
    • DIY resource page: here
  • Dimensions: 1 sq meter, 10.8 sq ft, 1550 sq in
  • Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material
  • Blocks Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, Key Fob, 3G,4G, 5G, EMP, and EMF Radiation Protection.
  • Shielding is MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, based on High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Testing
  • Material is folded and sealed in a poly bag
  • Moisture packet

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
April Pal
Works perfectly

Clean modern design and functional! Love that im protected and designer!

Good Stuff

I have a few Silent Pocket products, they're great for all the right reasons. I bought some of the Faraday Material and I look forward to creating something that offers all the right kinds of protection. Great products, exactly what people need this day in age.

john smith
unexpectedly good

i haven't made my Faraday case yet. i folded a single layer of fabric over my phone and it could not receive a call! i had seen other sellers not able to attain a complete block with a single layer of fabric, this company, silent pocket, knows what they are doing and are doing correctly. i can't wait to make my covers and disconnect! perfect!

5 Star

Very effective and versatile.

Mx. Malak
Blocks Pesky Signals

I installed a high frequency RFID reader under my desk and discovered rather surprisingly that whenever I set my phone on top of that desk in the area of the reader below, it would read my phone's NFC chip and beep with aggression until moved away from the area. As I have a large desk mat, I went on a search for signal blocking material to sew to the back of it to prevent my phone triggering the reader. Since I have a Silent Pocket bag for my phone already, I knew I could rely on the shielding material offered from Silent Pocket for DIY projects. Haven't had the time to sew it on yet, but just pulled the fabric out of the package when it arrived and have it sitting under my desk mat, effectively blocking the signal. No more disturbance from my phone and the RFID reader. Thanks for quality material!

Christopher M.
Excellent product just wish...

Product works great. Ive tried some that don't block certain signals, particularity stronger ones like say a Bluetooth device you are holding in close proximity. This has blocked everything I've tried and does so instantaneously. I havent tried 5G yet as I just ordered a capable phone but since 5g is much weaker signal than other signals im sure it wont be a problem.

That said i wish there was a little more option for phones. Its either a very premium leather pouch or a frankly quite ugly utilitarian one. Something that looks decent in the middle ground price-wise, that stll looks like something i want to carry around with me, would be awesome.

Now You're in Control.

This is the easiest and most effective way to cut ties with the online world. Allowing the user to make a signal blocking Faraday Cage for everything from your keys to a whole room.

Behind The Curtain.

Multishield® Faraday Shielding offers complete protection when completely sealed. Blocking all signals in or out of your D.I.Y. project.

Patented Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage: Multishield® Faraday Shielding

It's in the Details

Multishield® Faraday Shielding

Soft and flexible - will not scratch your device.

Tested for Peace of Mind

MIL-STD-188-125-2 Compliant:

High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection - Tested by Keystone Compliance.


Combine the Multishield® Material and Tape to make anything into a Faraday Cage