The Best Carry-On Backpack For Travel

March 12, 2018 3 min read

The Best Carry-On Backpack For Travel

Silent Pocket's 20 Liter Faraday Backpack is the only carry-on backpack you will need for all your travels. This versatile backpack is equipped to handle all travel conditions. This travel backpack is perfect for an airport setting. It can physically and digitally protect your laptops, phones, credit cards, keys, and more.

Here are 8 reasons why Silent Pocket's Faraday Backpack is the ultimate carry-on backpack!

1. Fits Under Airplane Seats And In Overhead Storage Containers

Carry-On Faraday Backpack by Silent Pocket

This travel backpack can fit under your airplane seat and in airplane’s overhead storage containers. This makes Silent Pocket’s Faraday Backpack perfect as your carry-on backpack. This backpack’s minimalistic design makes it convenient and easy to travel with. This compact backpack will make traveling a more pleasant and less stressful experience.

2. Protects And Secures All Devices

This backpack not only physically protects your devices, but it also digitally protects all your devices. This carry-on backpack is perfect for enduring the airport crowds and security. This Faraday Backpack has faraday cage technologies embedded in the backpack. This backpack blocks all signals to and from all your devices like your laptop or phone. This backpack is essential for travel because it protects you from identity theft and from your sensitive information being swiped or extracted. This carry-on backpack is great for when you want to travel with your laptop, but also keep the information and data secure.

3. Carry-On Backpack Instead Of Checking in Luggage

Carry-On Backpack by Silent Pocket

Going on a quick travel getaway for the weekend? This backpack is a perfect size backpack to fit all your clothes, bathroom essentials, laptops, books, and more. Not only will this save you money, but you will also not need to wait in baggage claim. And the best news of all, your luggage for sure didn’t get lost if you bring it on the flight! This backpack makes travel easy, convenient, and gives you peace of mind.

4. 20 Liter Storage

20 Liter Faraday Backpack by Silent Pocket

Silent Pocket’s 20 Liter Faraday Backpack has one main compartment, so you can maximize your space. This is perfect for a carry-on backpack because you can utilize your space to fit all your devices including laptops, tablets, and phones, as well as extra clothes, snacks and more. This give you the ability to pack as much or as little as you need for your carry-on backpack. This faraday backpack also has a zipper in the front to put smaller items such as books, glasses, and tablets.

5. Weatherproof

Waterproof Backpack By Silent Pocket

Silent Pocket’s Faraday Backpack is designed to weather all the elements including rain, snow, and dirt. This travel backpack is made of waterproof nylon and able to protect your devices from getting wet or damaged. This backpack is a good travel investment if you are traveling to multiple countries during different seasons because this backpack will ensure physical and digitally protect year-round and in all-weather elements.

6. Comfortable Backpack To Travel With

Travel Backpack by Silent Pocket

Not only is this the perfect carry-on backpack, but it doubles as a travel backpack. This backpack is waterproof and signalproof making it perfect for travel. This backpack is designed with comfortable adjustable straps and made of durable nylon. This waterproof backpack is always ready to weather all elements and physically and digitally protect all items in the backpack. This all-in-one travel backpack will be perfect for your next adventure big or small!

7. Roll Down Backpack

This Faraday Backpack is design as a roll down and clip backpack. This gives the backpack the ability to make it as small or as big as you need it. This is perfect for a carry-on backpack because you can put more items in your backpack for longer flights or make your backpack smaller for your quick flights.

8. Renders You Off The Grid

This Faraday Backpack blocks all GPS tracking and signals to your devices. This travel backpack is perfect for when your want to go off the grid and enjoy a getaway. It makes a great carry-on that digitally protects your devices and ensures that no one can track you or skim your credit cards. This Faraday Backpack makes you untrackable, unhackable, and off the grid.

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