The military knows what is at stake when carrying mobile devices, connected equipment, and anything that is vulnerable to wireless attacks.

You work hard to protect the people, allow us to work hard to protect you from device threats.

To help the Military combat these security threats, SLNT® created a discrete and patented line of waterproof nylon and leather accessories that instantly block wireless signals for all your devices. 

This secures location data, all in-and-outbound wireless communication, and threats of hacking for being discrete and offline depending on your objective.

USA Made Berry compliant and TAA products available.

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SLNT® solves many use cases and problems of using electronic and internet-connected (IOT) devices in the field.

Go Discreet

Our selection of Faraday Sleeve offer solutions for any device with a to integrate into any tactical or under the radar kit.

Utilizing our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material with a simple patented magnetic closure and premium finish options.

Designed to offer a premium in protection and understated design ethos.

Get it Done

The line of Utility Faraday Bags offer a signal blocking solution in a ready to use solution.

Combining our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material with an easy-to-use velcro closure.

Keep it understated with black, or use a pop of color for an easy line of sight while in bag.

Designed to simply get the job done in any situation.

Be Prepared

Our selection of Faraday Dry Bags offer protection from both signals and the elements.

Drop any device(s) in and know that you are now signal proof and waterproof.

Combining the Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material with a sleek waterproof nylon to deliver an always ready solution.

Made In USA

For specific needs, we have a growing selection of Berry Compliant and TAA products that utilize our designs and expertise to deliver Made in USA Faraday Solutions.

SLNT Berry and TAA Compliant Catalog


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Have a need that we haven't fit? We field a number of custom requests to give you the solution that you need.

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First of its Kind

The SLNT® Faraday Backpack combines our expertise with the tried and true methods of Berry and TAA compliant manufacturer.

This bag is discreet, completely submersible, and includes our tested Silent Pocket® Faraday cage to handle any situation in the field.

Can be stripped down of branding and MOLLE if needed.

USA Made

Our growing selection of Made in the USA, Berry Compliant and TAA compliant products are designed and made to the highest specifications possible.

Combining the utility of our Silent Pocket® Faraday protection with USA manufacturing to ensure any needs can be met.

SLNT Berry and TAA Compliant Catalog

Custom Products

Have a need that we haven't fit? We field a number of custom requests to give you the solution that you need.

Our USA Made Products can be stripped down, colors changed, our Silent Pocket® Faraday cage added, and more.

Reach out and let's talk.

SLNT USA Made Catalog

SLNT Custom Catalog

Faraday Dry Bags

Our selection of Faraday Dry Bags offer protection from both signals and the elements.

Utilizing an Exterior Waterproof Nylon, and Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday Material to deliver any always-ready solution.

Drop any device(s) in and know that your belongings are blocked from all incoming and outgoing signals, as well as any elements.

Faraday Sleeves

Our selection of Faraday Sleeves are our flagship products. Designed to offer a signal blocking solution for any device in a sleek and understated design to fit in with your daily carry.

These products utilize our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material, a patented magnetic closure, and available in our Weatherproof Nylon or Real Leather for your exact need.

Sizes for Smart Phones up to 16 Inch Laptops Available.

Utility Faraday Bags

The line of Utility Faraday Bags offer a signal blocking solution in a grab-and-go design.

Combining our Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material, an easy-to-use velcro closure, and a durable Weatherproof Nylon for an always ready signal blocking solution.

slnt made in usa utility faraday bag for military slnt faraday dry bags for military slnt faraday sleeve with iphone slnt utility faraday bags

Why SLNT®?


When SLNT® started our ethos was to create a signal blocking solution in a form that fit in with daily life. We've accomplished that with clean patented designs, premium materials and for the cherry on top are military standard tested and easy to use.

Our products have been integrated into multiple military units due to their ease of use, protection standards, and finally because they do not look out of place in the field or on a city street.

The SLNT product line can be stripped down or added to to create a solution for a specific mission or team need.

For when you need a solution that always works.


Tested for Compliance.

By placing a phone or device inside you instantly block Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMF, EMP protection, and Solar Flare.

It’s like magic.

Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage with Multishield® Faraday Shielding Blocks 100 dB+, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, EMP, EMF Radiation, and Solar Flare.

Shielding is MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, based on High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Testing.

SLNT Third-Party Testing

Because You Need It.

In the current state of the world everyone is more connected than ever before.

As much as people like to think that their location and information is private, you should be the first to know that the right group can access everything.

Take the first step by preparing for the worst instead of picking up the pieces.


Still undecided? Hear first hand from others in your industry.

“I use SLNT to stay anonymous. The threat to our personal information has never been greater. I want the power to protect my own privacy, and not leave it in the hands of operating systems and software”

"SLNT is an essential addition to the modern military member. Giving myself and others the ability to safely secure their own devices for any operation."

"SLNT gives me total peace of mind that my personal information is totally secure, no matter where I find myself during my travels. It is the perfect answer to my daily electronic security needs.”

“I carry my SLNT faraday bag with me at all times and my phone is inside it more than out. I trust SLNT to block all invasive signals to the sensitive devices carried by me and my clients. They are absolutely mandatory during meetings with highly targeted individuals”

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*Berry and TAA compliant USA made Faraday bags available.

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