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Shoot Me Straight Podcast with Dave & Eddie - #45 Aaron Zar 

Iron Sights Podcast - #89 After Dark - Defending Your Digital Life: Faraday Cages and Personal Security w/ Aaron Zar of SLNT

Iron Sights Podcast - #59 After Dark - Untrackable: Protecting Your Privacy, Security and Health with Aaron Zar from SLNT

Art of The Kickstart Podcast - Unlock Digital Fortresses: The Journey to Privacy and Security with SLNT

OffGrid Magazine - A Deep Dive into Protecting Your Data 

Carryology- SLNT® Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

Wired Magazine - Best Backpack for Work 

Wired Magazine- Best Recycled Backpacks 

Carryology- SLNT x Pacsafe backpack review

PackerHacker - SLNT x Pacsafe crossbody review

Wired Magazine- get lost

BBC - spying concerns

Forbes - privacy as fashion

Forbes- lockdown your smartphone

NBC Houston- thieves use hightech device to break into cars

Time Magazine - travel hackers

Tech Crunch - go off the grid

Tech Crunch- here comes the fabric

Bitcoin Magazine- undetectable

Popular Mechanics - criminal use wireless signals

Mashable - popular tech gifts

USA Today - ces video interview

The Hill- nsa warns of security threats

The Washington Post- privacy is a growing business

Vice Media- ces personal privacy section

The Guardian - who's paranoid?

Computer World- easy mobile security

Lifehacker - gifts for privacy loving person

Sofrep- absolute digital military security

Frommers- defend against travel mishaps

Engadget Germany - silent pocket must have

IAPP- privacy association coverage

The Register UK- hottest gadgets

Gadgeteer - silent pocket protects your devices

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