Bring focus and peace back into the classroom with SLNT® signal blocking Faraday bags. SLNT® Faraday Bags allow students to keep their phones with them for security purposes, while shutting out all distractions phones can cause.


80% of teachers think phones are a distraction for students. SLNT® is leading the charge in silencing the classrooms.

Blocks signal, silencing all phone notifications

Mandatory locking (not safe)

Holds a Utility Patent

Long lasting quality

No locking mechanism

YES, several
(not to brag)

8 Years

Locked (students can't access in case of emergency)


1 Year

Other Faraday Brands



1 Year


Phones have become an increasing distraction in classrooms. Faraday bags are essential for schools to secure phones because they block all signals. This not only puts the phones out of sight, but silences all notifications so they don't cause disruptions.

When students place their phones inside Faraday bags, the bags essentially act as a shield, blocking incoming and outgoing signals, thus rendering the phones unable to send or receive calls, messages, or data. This helps ensure a focused learning environment free from the distractions of electronic devices.

YES, our Faraday bags are reusable and durable, making them a cost-effective solution for schools. They're built to withstand frequent use and maintain their effectiveness over time, providing long-term protection for student devices.

We can accommodate all levels of customization. From adding a school mascot or logo to building a custom product that suits your specific school's needs, we do it all. Connect with us to discuss how we can make SLNT fit into your classroom:

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