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72 Hours Without My Phone And I Survived

July 25, 2023 3 min read

Faraday phone bag

Hey SLNT Community, it's Avie here, SLNT’s Marketing Manager. While you might not recognize my name, you're likely familiar with my work. I'm part of the digital force behind SLNT - serving up those enticing social media posts you double-tap, ensuring our emails find their way into your inbox, and tirelessly striving to make your online shopping experience with us as seamless as possible.

However, life isn't all about likes, shares, and conversion rates. Away from the screens, I'm a mom to three rambunctious boys. They fill my life with noise, mess, and endless laughter, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Recently, as I found myself revamping our Phone Detox program emails, surrounded by words promoting the benefits of disconnecting and embracing the real world, I was hit with a question: when was the last time I had taken a proper break from the digital whirlwind myself? The answer was unsettling. I genuinely couldn't remember - it's been years.

So, in a moment that was either inspired or just plain mad, I made a pact with myself to go phone free for 72hrs.

I set the detox date for 7/13/23, matching up perfectly with our annual family camping trip. It felt as though the stars had aligned, offering an ideal opportunity to be completely present with my husband and boys.

As we rolled into the campgrounds, I texted my parents and brother a simple message: "Disconnecting for the next 3 days. At Siskiyou campgrounds, site 16, in case of an emergency." Before they could even respond, I slipped my phone into an SLNT Faraday sleeve. With that single action, I was off the grid and free.

The idea of not checking emails, missing out on updates from company Slack channels, skipping my social media scroll routine, and refraining from firing off random Google searches felt intimidating. I mean, I'm a child of the 80s and 90s when cell phones were only seen in the hands of the rich or in movies, but that was then, and now it was almost like missing a limb.

As the digital silence settled, something magical happened. Without my device constantly grabbing my attention, I found myself soaking in the serenity of the scenery, engaging more deeply with my family, and relishing the simplicity of the present moment. I noticed a newfound patience with my kids, enjoying their chatter and antics without the usual urge to rush them or check my screen. This unplugged time even allowed me to become more attuned to my own thoughts and feelings, discovering tranquility within myself that had been drowned out by the constant digital chatter. I could tell my boys loved the undivided attention, and so did I. This freedom from the digital chains was a breath of fresh air, offering a profound sense of self-connection and presence that I had almost forgotten.

As our trip drew to a close and we started the journey home, I hesitantly slide my phone out of the Faraday phone bag. As the notifications began to flood in, it struck me just how important it was to regularly detach from this over-connected digital world. The sense of balance, patience, and peace I'd discovered in its absence was a revelation I couldn't ignore.

So, I made a decision – this is becoming a monthly ritual for me. If I can swing it, I'd love to extend it to every weekend. And let me clarify, I'm talking about the phone detox, not the camping part - a girl needs her comfortable bed!

So here's to more real-world adventures and less screen time! From one always-on-the-go momma to all of you out there, believe me when I say it's so worth it. Give it a shot, you'll thank yourself later!