Introducing the Latest Silent Pocket Multishield™ Faraday Dry Bags!

August 28, 2020 1 min read

Faraday bags

Since the creation of our first Dry Bags, we have sought to improve our designs and create the next generation of Faraday Dry Bags! 

The latest iterations are made with 420 Denier Waterproof Nylon, UTX® Buckles, YKK® Aquaguard® Zippers, and our Premier Silent Pocket Multishield™ Faraday Shielding.

The next drop of Dry Bags sought to approach the problem that we tackle with our Flagship Faraday Sleeves with the Dry Bag styling that many have come to love with our range of sizes of our current Dry Bag and Backpack. 

The first of which is the Smartphone Multishield™ Faraday Dry Bag:

waterproof phone pouch

This Medium Sized Dry Bag is perfect for any smartphone, add it to an existing bag or carry it standalone with its included hand strap.

The Multishield™ Faraday Laptop Dry Bag is next in our lineup. Tackling the issue of protecting our expensive laptops from not only the elements but any wireless threats as well:

waterproof laptop backpack

Finally, we introduce the Multishield™ Faraday Duffel Bag! We sampled this early on in our journey and returned to it as we have established ourselves as a pillar in the industry.

This option allows the user to travel freely with complete security. Providing not only waterproof protection but also complete security from any signals for any device inside. Carry your phone, tablets, laptops, and more discreetly by blending functionality and style; while allowing the user to travel completely off the grid.

Faraday duffel bag

Lastly, we have completely restocked our 2.5 - 10 Liter Dry Bags for all of your waterproof and signal proof needs!

waterproof phone pouches