SLNT and The Green Beret Foundation: A Shared Mission

February 27, 2024 9 min read

Green Beret Foundation


In the spirit of innovative collaboration and support, SLNT has partnered with theGreen Beret Foundation.

The limited-run of our 5L Faraday Dry Bag adorned with the Green Beret Foundation logo epitomizes this partnership, seamlessly blending SLNT’s commitment to functional design with the Foundation’s mission of aiding Special Forces soldiers and their families.

The nature of the partnership hinges on a mutual understanding of the importance of the Green Beret community and the protection of personal data. SLNT’s Faraday Dry Bags are engineered to block all wireless signals, which is a crucial need in an era of ubiquitous technology and surveillance. For the Green Berets, operational security is a paramount concern, not only in the field but also in their personal lives. The 5L Faraday Dry Bag is particularly relevant for this community as it offers an extra layer of security, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from potential threats.

The sales of these Faraday Dry Bags directly benefit the Foundation in tangible ways. A portion of the proceeds from every bag sold is channeled back to the Green Beret Foundation. These funds are vital as they support a range of programs and services that directly contribute to the health, welfare, and success of Green Berets and their families. From covering immediate needs like medical expenses and rehabilitation support to investing in long-term programs for family support and transition assistance, every sale translates into direct action and care for these elite service members.

Customers purchasing the Faraday Dry Bag gain not only a product that addresses their privacy concerns but also the knowledge that they are making a meaningful contribution to the welfare of the Green Beret community. It is a dual benefit—personal security for the customer and financial support for the foundation.

The Faraday Dry Bag with the Foundation’s logo also serves as a conversation starter and a visible sign of support for the Green Berets. Owners of the bag carry a piece of the Foundation’s spirit, spreading awareness of its mission with every use. As awareness grows, so too does the potential for additional support, creating a ripple effect of advocacy and aid that extends far beyond the initial purchase.

Who is the Green Beret Foundation?

The United States Army Special Forces, popularly known as the Green Berets, have been a symbol of excellence, bravery, and specialized skills within the military community since their establishment in 1952. These elite soldiers have engaged in covert missions, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism operations, often in the most challenging and hostile environments around the world. Their motto, “De Oppresso Liber,” which translates to “To Free the Oppressed,” encapsulates their dedication to fostering stability and peace globally. With their diverse capabilities and commitment to their nation, the Green Berets truly embody the notion of ‘Quiet Professionals.’

However, the nature of their missions, which are frequently carried out in secrecy and with little fanfare, means that the support and recognition of their efforts are not always as visible as those of other military units. This discreet operational profile, coupled with the demanding nature of their assignments, creates unique challenges for the soldiers and their families, particularly when it comes to dealing with injuries, rehabilitation, and reintegration into civilian life after service. It is in this context that theGreen Beret Foundation becomes an organization of paramount importance.

The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) was established in 2009 byAaron Anderson, a Green Beret wounded in battle. Anderson’s personal experiences and the challenges he witnessed among his brothers-in-arms catalyzed the formation of a dedicated entity that would address the gaps in support for these soldiers and their loved ones. As someone who had borne the brunt of combat and its aftermath, Anderson knew firsthand the specific and comprehensive type of support required by Special Forces members, which transcends the conventional systems put in place by the military or government.

At its core, the foundation is committed to three fundamental principles: Emergency and ongoing support for Special Forces soldiers and their families, fostering of the Green Beret community, and preservation of the Green Berets’ legacy. These principles are reflected in the wide array of services and assistance the Foundation offers. By providing direct aid, GBF ensures that the Green Berets and their families receive the help they need when they need it most.

The work of the Green Beret Foundation is essential, not only in recognizing the extraordinary sacrifices of the soldiers and their families but also in sustaining them through every step of their journey – from the time they enter service to their transition back to civilian life, and even beyond. The Green Beret Foundation’s overarching purpose is to ease the burden of these elite warriors and their loved ones, ensuring their well-being and honoring their contributions with actions that speak louder than words.

Mission and Goals of the Green Beret Foundation

The Foundation’s guiding mission is to serve these soldiers and their families by providing support that spans the breadth of their unique needs—both during active duty and afterward, as they transition to civilian life. Each program developed by the Green Beret Foundation is meticulously designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by these warriors and their loved ones.

Transition Support

Transitioning from military service to civilian life presents a distinct set of challenges for any service member, but for Green Berets, who are accustomed to high-stakes environments and specialized roles, this change can be particularly daunting. The Green Beret Foundation’s Transition Support program takes a holistic approach to this process, offering resources that aid in career placement, educational advancement, and personal development. This initiative not only facilitates job searches and resume building but also provides networking opportunities, mentoring, and access to professional training. By doing so, the Foundation helps ease the often turbulent shift into post-military careers, ensuring these soldiers are well-equipped to continue their legacy of leadership and excellence in the civilian sector.

Casualty Support

For a Green Beret, the harsh reality is that the nature of their missions can result in serious injury, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. In the wake of such circumstances, the Green Beret Foundation steps in with its Casualty Support program, offering immediate and sustained assistance. This includes financial aid for medical bills, specialized equipment, and rehabilitative services, as well as support navigating the complexities of military benefits. Through this program, the Foundation ensures that those who have been wounded receive the comprehensive care they require and that the bereaved families of fallen Green Berets are not left to cope alone, providing them with both financial assistance and the community support that is vital during times of loss.

Family Support

Understanding that the families of Green Berets bear a significant emotional toll, the Foundation’s Family Support program is devoted to offering them a strong and stable network. The Steel Mags program, exclusive to the Green Beret Foundation, provides Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Spouses of Green Berets with unconditional support, access to critical resources, advocacy, and experienced guidance for building successful and thriving lives for themselves and their families. GBF also offers extensive scholarship opportunities for the Spouses and Children of Green Berets, ensuring they are positioned for success as they pursue their educational goals. 

Health and Wellness Support

Given the physically demanding role of a Green Beret, maintaining peak health and recovering from injury is of utmost importance. The Health and Wellness Support program is designed to support these elite soldiers in achieving and retaining their optimum physical condition. Through partnerships with cutting-edge medical providers and facilities, the program ensures access to the best possible treatments for service-related injuries. Furthermore, it addresses mental health needs, offering confidential counseling and therapy services to address the invisible wounds of war such as PTSD and combat stress. By investing in the health and wellness of these soldiers, the Foundation upholds their ability to operate at their best, both in service and in life beyond.

Advocacy Initiatives

Beyond providing direct support, the Green Beret Foundation also serves as a powerful voice advocating for the Green Beret community. They work tirelessly to ensure that policymakers and the public are aware of the unique sacrifices and needs of Special Forces soldiers and their families. Through awareness campaigns and legislative outreach, the Foundation fights to secure the rights and benefits that these heroes and their loved ones deserve.

The Green Beret Foundation’s objectives are far-reaching and deeply impactful. The organization remains committed to ensuring that Green Berets receive the recognition, care, and support commensurate with their service and sacrifice. This dedication to service members extends through and beyond their time in uniform, providing a continuum of care that reinforces the motto of the Green Berets themselves: “De Oppresso Liber” — to liberate the oppressed. Whether it’s helping a soldier transition back to civilian life, supporting rehabilitation from injuries, or offering solace to the families of the fallen, the Green Beret Foundation stands ready as a constant ally, honoring their courage and commitment with unwavering support.

Programs and Initiatives: A Closer Look

The Green Beret Foundation’s multifaceted approach to supporting the Special Forces community is articulated through its diverse range of programs. Each initiative is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges faced by Green Berets and their families, reflecting a deep understanding of the intricacies of their service and the sacrifices they make.

One of the cornerstone programs of the Green Beret Foundation is theSteel Mags group. This affiliate support group is exclusively for the women behind the Green Berets: the spouses, mothers, daughters, and sisters whose resilience fortifies the home front. Named after the unbreakable Steel Magnolias, the group provides a nurturing network for these women. The program facilitates connections between members who share similar experiences, thereby offering a powerful platform for mutual support, advocacy, and personal development. Through regular meetings, social gatherings, and online forums, Steel Mags fosters a strong and empowered community, capable of weathering the storms of loss, separation, and the daily challenges of Special Forces family life.

Transitioning from military to civilian life poses one of the most daunting challenges for any service member, but for Green Berets, the transition can be uniquely complex due to the nature of their highly specialized work. The Green Beret Foundation’s Next Ridgeline program exists to smooth this transition. Offering a comprehensive suite of resources, the Next Ridgeline aids in identifying new career paths, providing educational guidance, and equipping individuals with tools for success in the civilian workforce. Moreover, the program takes into account the mental and emotional adjustments that accompany this major life change, providing access to counseling and peer support. By addressing both the practical and psychological components of transition, the Next Ridgeline ensures that Green Berets are not just prepared but poised to thrive in their post-service lives.

The Foundation extends its reach beyond these programs with initiatives tailored to the physical and emotional well-being of Green Berets and their families. For those wounded in service, immediate support is provided to mitigate the shock and financial strain that injuries can cause. This includes emergency funding, adaptive housing modifications, and cutting-edge medical treatments aimed at enhancing the quality of life for these soldiers. The focus on health and wellness does not end with physical care but also incorporates programs designed to fortify the mind and spirit, recognizing that the scars of war are not always visible. Through partnerships with leading medical providers and support organizations, the Green Beret Foundation ensures access to mental health resources, including counseling and therapy tailored to the experiences of Special Forces soldiers.

Family support is another key aspect of the Green Beret Foundation’s portfolio, underpinned by the belief that the strength of the soldier is closely linked to the stability of the family. Initiatives such as family retreats, scholarships for dependents, and resources for special needs children underscore the Foundation’s commitment to the holistic well-being of Green Beret households. These efforts ensure families are not left to navigate the challenges of military life on their own but are instead enveloped in a community of support that appreciates their sacrifice and contribution.

From the frontlines to the home front, the Green Beret Foundation’s programs demonstrate an unwavering dedication to providing tailored, comprehensive, and enduring support. This dedication not only honors the service of Green Berets but actively contributes to their stability, resilience, and success, both in uniform and beyond.



The Green Beret Foundation’s efforts are significantly supported by donations, fundraising events, and partnerships, which are crucial for maintaining and enhancing support for Green Berets and their families. Public donations are a major funding source, including one-time gifts, recurring contributions, and tribute giving. Additionally, the Foundation accepts donations of stocks and legacy gifts, emphasizing the importance of each contribution’s impact.

Retail fundraising and partnerships with businesses and other organizations extend the Foundation’s reach, enabling innovative support and resource sharing.

Financial contributions are vital, enabling the Foundation to respond to emergencies, support families in crisis, and invest in long-term programs for the well-being of Green Berets and their loved ones. The Foundation actively engages with donors and the public, ensuring easy and transparent participation in its mission.

The Foundation responds promptly to casualties, aiding soldiers and their families from injury through recovery and honoring the legacies of the fallen. Its Transitional Support Services ease Green Berets’ shift to civilian life with career services, scholarships, and mentorship, while family support programs address the silent sacrifices of their loved ones with financial and emotional assistance.

The partnership with SLNT exemplifies the impact of collaboration, where products like the 5L Faraday Dry Bag contribute to the Foundation’s mission. This synergy between innovation and support highlights how contributions from partners and the public fuel the Foundation’s work.

Every act of generosity strengthens the Foundation’s ability to provide for those who’ve served, preserving the Green Beret legacy and ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten.