Take Control of Your Time!

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Take Control of Your Time!

I don't have enough time!

Is one of the biggest lies that we can tell ourselves throughout the day. The truth is that we are simply prioritizing other activities over what may actually need to be done. Leading to more time wasted during the day, "longer" working hours, and less time doing something that you might enjoy more.

It is unfortunately quite easy to say that you are just going to stop for a minute and look through instagram or watch this quick video, but soon enough its been an hour and you haven't actually done anything productive.

Step 1:

It may sound cliché, but the first step is acknowledging that this could be you.

A great way to see how much time your wasting is to take a look at our screen time calculator:

This is a firsthand way to understand how much time you are possibly devoting to non productive activities. You can break this down in your settings to see which applications are taking up the most of your time.

Step 2:

Throw your phone into the ocean! Just Kidding, but there are ways to spend your time better without your device present. Our Phone Detox Program, is a great FREE first step in understanding how you can work with technology and how nice it feels to not have your phone on you 24/7.

Step 3:

Do your research.

There are many books out there, such as the one written by friend of SLNT, Thatcher, that dive deep into how we are constantly trying to "multitask" and are losing productivity. (Not paid, just like supporting people and initiatives that help create barriers around excessive device use. We're also a fan of The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler)

From Thatcher: 

The Twelve Monotasks: Do One Thing at a Time to Do Everything Better is all about reclaiming your attention, boosting your productivity, and reducing your stress level! 

Drawing on research in psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness, The Twelve Monotasks provides a clear and accessible plan for life in the twenty-first century. Practice resisting distractions and building focus by doing the things you already do—like reading, sleeping, eating, and listening—with renewed attention. For example, the next time you go for a walk, don’t try to run an errand or squeeze in a phone call, but instead, notice the cool breeze on your face and the plants and birds that may cross your path. Immerse yourself in the activity and let time melt away, even if you’re only actually out for 20 minutes. Notice how much clearer your head feels when you return home. This is the magic of monotasking. 

Thatcher Wine’s The Twelve Monotasks will help you do one thing at a time, and do it well, so you can enjoy all of your life!

Step 4:

Introduce applications to focus your time. With constant access between all of your electronic devices these days, you might read all of these and say, "How can I not give in to temptation?"

Freedom is the answer. This free application is the modern day parents hiding spot. With downloadable versions for all of your devices, you can block website and applications during set times of the day, to focus in on tasks and not be distracted by your most common site or app of choice.

With integration across the board, you can know that you won't be blocked on one device and then pick up another device to look there.

Step 5:

Put your device away.

Set times of the day that you put away distracting devices, say your phone and tablet, and focus in on any task.

With your device physically secured in a Faraday Sleeve, you can now take care of any task without the distraction of notifications, calls, or texts.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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