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When was the last time you spent an entire day without your smartphone?

If you’re like many adults, it was the day before you bought your first iPhone. And since then, almost 15 years later, its presence has become so normal that it’s almost impossible to imagine that you ever lived without it.

In this free Phone Detox Program brought to you by SLNT, you will get to press the reset button by disconnecting from your device. Not forever, but just long enough to come back to it with a renewed perspective and healthier balance for years to come.

Phone Usage Calculator

How much time do you currently spend on your phone each day? Do you know how much time that’s taking out of your year? Out of your next 5 years? Move the slider to find out.

Hours each day
< drag me >
3 months
annual projection

This is how many months you are investing in your phone each year. Assuming you sleep 4 months annually, are you sure you want to spend so much of your 8 waking months on your phone? That could be productive time spent building your business, fostering relationships, or taking time off for yourself.

4.6 years
5 year projection

If nothing changes, this is how much of the next 5 years you’ll be spending on your phone. Is this the best use of your time? What is your Screen Time costing you? Does something need to change?

Over the course of 7 days, I will provide you with everything you need to have a truly transformative phone detox experience, so you can reset your relationship with the supercomputer in your pocket, boost your productivity, creativity and love for life.

Each day in the program will offer you perspective, a helpful tool and a task to complete. You will be challenged to take a new action every day that will prepare you for taking your 24-hour phone detox: That means one full-day completely off your phone, fully in the real world. As your guide, I'll be with you every step of the way.

Each day you will get an email from me that offers perspective and a helpful tool.

Each day you will also be challenged to take a new action that will prepare you for a full 24-hour phone detox.

Afterwards, take the next step by joining the SLNT™ Phone Detox Community on Facebook for continued support and to meet other like-minded Detoxers.

A journal or notebook and a pen

A SLNT Faraday Phone sleeve Don’t have one yet? Pick one up today.

An open mind

The willingness to be uncomfortable. (Because personal growth happens outside our comfort zones)

Day 1 - Welcome / Choose the Date

Day 2 - My Problem with Screens / Set Your Intention & Start Small

Day 3 - The Benefits of Real Life / Make a Plan

Day 4 - Habit Change is Better Together / Get an Accountability Partner

Day 5 - Set Expectations / Give a Heads Up

Day 6 - How to Detox Safely / Set Up for Success

Day 7 - Phone Detox Day!

Day After - Let’s Celebrate / Next Steps



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