Privacy, Security, Health

Modern technology is a wide open door for hackers, tracking systems and radiation. Silent Pocket protects your devices from these threats by blocking wireless signals with a line of sleek, discreet wallets, bags and device sleeves that makes you invisible to the world and keep your personal and professional information safe.

What is at stake?

Are you prepared to give up your phones or laptops?

Of course not. And honestly, we aren’t either. 

Silent Pocket lets you keep using your favorite devices while thwarting threats to your privacy, security and health.

Your Privacy

Hackers don’t discriminate. Nine million Americans have their identity stolen every year -(Federal Trade Commission). Stay unknown to nefarious entities by slipping your devices in a Silent Pocket Faraday sleeve when they aren’t in use.

Privacy & COVID-19:Right now, Apple and Google are tracking cell phones in an effort to trace virus spread. While the intentions may be good,contact tracingis a violation of privacy and human rights, and can actually lead tomisconceptions about the virus as well as prejudices against certain groups based on skewed information. 

You should have the right to opt out of being traced. Without a Silent Pocket, that isn’t possible. Silent Pocket gives you a true “off switch” for your devices so you are undiscoverable to corporations and government entities. 

Now that we know governments and corporations can track us, why would they stop even after COVID-19? Just because you aren’t doing anything that needs to be hidden, doesn’t mean it should be on display for corporate entities. Maintain your independence, and protect your rights.

Your Security

You don’t leave your car unlocked with valuables in it. Your devices are no different. Every day, the Defense Department thwarts 36 million emails full of malware, viruses and phishing schemes from hackers, terrorists and foreign adversaries trying to gain unauthorized access to military systems. Ensure your personal and business data does not fall into the wrong hands

Your Health

The latest news from the FCC is that they are investigating Apple and Samsung for violating Radio Frequency (RF) radiation limits emitted by their cell phones. This is in response to an internal study by the Chicago Tribune that showed RF emissions as much as 5 times the limits set by the US government — limits that have already been criticized for being outdated (established in the ‘90s) and overly lenient. 

Additionally, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted from cell phones has a high decay rate, which means that most of the exposure occurs within a few inches and especially with direct contact. EMR can penetrate most natural and manmade materials including wood, plastic, pillows, blankets, clothes etc.

The health threats are clear and corporations are banking on you overlooking them


We have been featured in Wired, Forbes, etc. and is trusted by the military, business leaders, travelers and governments around the world.  

Our Product line offers:

  • Premium leather and nylon materials
  • Trusted by the U.S. Senate, FBI and U.S. Navy
  • Discrete and effective
  • Patented Faraday technology
  • One of a kind multi-shield protection
  • Attractive and sleek

Elevate your own protection and privacy with the right sleeve for your device.

Faraday Phone Sleeves

Sized perfectly for your device. Now offering waterproof nylon and top grain leather.

Faraday Laptop Bags

Choose from multiple sizes, styles and colors. Select models feature vertical entry. 

Faraday Backpacks and Dry Bags

With backpacks and dry bags from 2.5 to 20L, you can protect your valuables from the elements and prospective thieves. 

Faraday Key Fob Covers

Quick. Stylish. Secure. Keep your car and its contents protected.  

Still Need Help? Answer these questions below:

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Laptop / Tablet

Key Fob

RFID Cards

  • Select your preferred size, color and material.

Waterproof Nylon

Top Grain Leather


13 - 15” 

Feel the comfort that your newfound privacy, security and health provide. You deserve it.

Simply Put

There are more than 8 billion phones in the world, a fact that threatens your privacy, security and health. With Silent Pocket Faraday protection, you canregain control over your mobile devices. 

We get it. Privacy and security are inconvenient topics, and you may feel like you have nothing to hide. But the fact is that in the modern world, your laptop is never really off, your phone emits a signal (even in airplane mode), and everything from your passport to your credit cards contains RFID. And all of it contains valuable, private information that is easily exploited in the wrong hands. 

Silent Pocket offers a range of products you already use (wallets, bags, travel gear, laptop sleeves, key cases), but with the added protection of our patented Faraday technology, which turns your devices invisible, and safe, from the outside world.

Many industries, from top business professionals to government officials, require the use of Faraday Products for the day-to-day security of them and their staff. They understand that we are constantly at risk and take the necessary steps to prevent future attacks. We offer this elite technology to anyone that values their personal data and we are proud to offer a premium range that fits seamlessly into your everyday life, providing security without looking like a tinfoil hat.

As we learn to live with technology, Silent Pocket stands on the three pillars of Privacy, Security, and Health. Our goal is to provide harmony with mobile technology without risking our most valuable information. We hope you’ll trust us to help you do the same.

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