The 5 Most Amazing Privacy Gifts for Her

December 09, 2016 3 min read

top 5 most amazing privacy gifts for her

The days are counting down really fast to Christmas, and you have yet to find the perfect gift for her.

Before you know it, Christmas is already here, and she’ll wonder why she hasn’t received anything from you. But don’t give up just yet!

We are letting you know right now that you do not have to be that person. This year, you are going to give your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or granddaughter, etc. (you get my drift) the BEST Christmas gifts ever!

In fact, not only will it be the best, but these are gifts guaranteed to give her the privacy and security she needs when it comes to her mobile devices. That’s right, these are stylish products with the added benefit of privacy and security.

Here is our list of the 5 most amazing privacy gifts to give her this holiday season:

Medium Dual Carryall: 

The Silent Pocket Medium Dual Carryall is a must-have for women seeking a minimal, sleek designed bag that is easy to carry while traveling. Embedded inside are two pockets.  One blocks all signals coming to and from your wireless device, and the other pocket blocks RFID & NFC only, making it useful for things like smart keys, credit cards, and passports. This smooth, leather Faraday bag is absolutely ideal for travelers and privacy advocates. Inside tip for 30% OFF: Coupon Code PRIVACYFORHER at checkout for this product! 

Signal Shield RFID Protection Card:

The Silent Pocket Signal Shield RFID Protection Card is designed to align perfectly with your RFID chipped cards to block RFID and NFC signals in any wallet. Simply place your cards in between the two signal cards (like a sandwich), and slide the elastic band (included with the signal cards) over the cards. These can be used as a card wallet by itself or it can be placed in your existing wallet. The more secure, the better!

Creep Blocker – Webcam Privacy Stickers:


webcam privacy stickers tape over camera webcam security

You never know who is watching you through your wireless devices' webcam. It’s better to not feel paranoid by using a webcam privacy sticker to put your mind at ease. To use these Creep Blockers, simply stick one over your webcam. These cute stickers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also reusable and resealable, so you don’t have to worry about any residue getting stuck on the camera lens.

BlueCosto Luggage Tags SuItcase Labels w/ Privacy Cover Steel Loops:


privacy key tags for travel

We understand the hassle of trying to find your luggage in the sea of identical suitcases at the airport. So, we recommend Luggage Tags! These aren’t just any luggage tags, as they also have privacy flaps to conceal your personal information. These tags come in bright, neon colors for you to easily identify your belongings. Secured with heavy-duty steel loops, this is one gift worth getting during the holiday season when traveling is quite prevalent.

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy – Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online:


smart guide to privacy for woman

Reading never gets old, and learning never goes out of style. This is why we’ve added this informative gem to our list. The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy is a book that will provide you with tips and facts that will put you ahead of the privacy game. This book covers everything from social media, identity theft, online dating, and many other details on protecting yourself online.

Hurry Up!  Christmas Is Almost Here! 

So there you have it! We hope you consider these wonderful gifts because it’s our top priority to raise awareness when it comes to privacy and security.

Give her the gift of privacy this year.