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RFID Bifold Wallet


The perfect choice for those who appreciate a traditional wallet design without unnecessary bulk. Crafted with advanced RFID-blocking technology, this sleek wallet provides enhanced security by safeguarding your sensitive card information from potential skimmers and offering protection against credit card and identity theft.

Instantly Block: RFID and NFC

  • RFID and NFC Blocking
  • Flat bill compartment
  • 6 quick access card slots
  • 2 hidden pockets
  • Slim profile to reduce bulk

Materials & Trims 

Exterior: Top Grain Leather
Lining: Multishield® Faraday Shielding Material


External: 4.3 x 3.7 in (11 x 9.4 cm)
Internal Use: 6 card slots, 2 hidden pockets, 1 billfold
Weight: .05 lbs (.02 kgs)

  • Blocks NFC and RFID such as chips in passports and credit cards
  • Multishield® is MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, and exceeds IEEE 299-2006 (1 - 40GHz) standards.   (100,000:1 reduction, see testing page here)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sebastian H.
Best RFID Wallet I Used So Far

Among all RFID wallets, this one stood out with its sleek design. I haven’t had any issues in the past months since I got this; from my experience it really offers great protection as a credit card wallet.

I wanted to protect our cards after card numbers were stolen during my travels so this rfid wallet became essential for my daily life.

I am planning to buy more of these as gifts in the near future. It’s definitely better than regular bifold wallets, thanks to its Faraday cage protection.

Chuck Bouscaren
Bilfold wallet

I needed a new wallet and found this one online which I ordered. I like the fact that it his well built, has credit card protection and that it is a thin wallet (as in not bulky).

Ron Nelson

Great wallet so far ….but need to put it through the rigors of summer time pocket sweat before I can give honest review….

Sammy Khorchid
Well made!

Solid wallet. Well stitched and quality leather. Tight pockets that hold cc’s. Highly recommended!

Emily Liu

Works as it should

Dr. Berry
The design is beautiful, but it doesn’t seem to block all electronic transmissions, which is why ...

I really enjoy having a wallet again. I like the sleek design. However, when my card is tucked inside my wallet, I can still use it to get into my gym simply by sliding my wallet in front of the sensor. I don’t know that this product actually provides security as it claims.