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EMF Radiation: What you need to know and how your Cell Phone is contributing.

May 30, 2020 2 min read

apple states emf sensitivity in settings

Our phones, tablets, and laptops were designed to make our lives easier. But what if you found out they are emitting EMF radiation?

These devices are constantly emitting levels of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Radiation and where do we keep them? Our hands, by our ears, or on our laps. Does that seem healthy to you? You were taught not to stand in front of a microwave when you were younger, why do the same now?

These varying levels of radiation first start at a very young age and get compounded on over the years. If you felt a mild irritation or tingling when using your phone or computer and in more extreme cases nausea or fatigue; then you might have developed an EMF sensitivity.

Now wouldn't these devices be tested for this? They are but based on standards from over 20 years ago. Not only that, but the FCC tests use devices provided by the companies, this means that the companies could dummy down their phones to pass. Some labs took this into their own hands and bought phones off the shelf to test and their results were scary.

They found that some of the latest phones are more than double the FCC's "safe" specific absorption rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram, with the latest iPhone 11 coming in at 3.8. This begs the question, why is that a safe level? Apple themselves note in their settings that using wired headphones is safer for you. (see cover photo)

Silent Pocket offers a range of products you already use (wallets, bags, travel gear, laptop sleeves, key cases), but with the added protection of our patented Faraday technology. This allows you to limit the radiation that is being emitted from your device.

Do these companies know something we don't know? There have been 10-year studies that show that long term exposure to 2G and 3G have a clear link to tumors in rats, and with the current 4G and the coming 5G, this is something to worry about. Cancer, Alzheimer's, Insomnia, Autism, and ADD have been possibly linked to EMF radiation exposure over time. This alone shows that we really do not know or understand the effects of long term exposure to EMF from our modern electronic devices. They just haven't been around long enough to see clear lines in our past.

As we learn more about this and see our friends and family adopt electronic devices as apart of their daily lives, we want to take the steps before it becomes a necessity.

These small steps have the possibility of leading to a healthier life. Drop your phone in a Faraday Sleeve at night, especially if you keep your phone by your bed. Less Radiation = Better Sleep. Another great step would be to use Laptop Sleeve in between your laptop and your lap, this will double the use as a signal blocking sleeve when you need it and an EMF blocking sleeve while you travel.