Why Use Faraday Cage Products?

May 18, 2018 3 min read

Why Use Faraday Cage Products?

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What is a Faraday cage?

A Faraday Cage is an enclosure designed to block electronic signals and radiation.

Why use Faraday cage products?

Faraday Cage products not only increase your overall privacy and security, but it also supports a healthy lifestyle. Silent Pocket’s Faraday cage products instantly blocks all signals to and from your devices and protects you from EMP and radiation. Placing your devices into our Faraday sleeves is the equivalence of you turning off your phone and taking out the battery. Without this protection, you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers and cybercrime. Hackers have the ability to track you and get a hold of all your personal and financial information. Silent Pocket’s product line was inspired by creating privacy and security solutions for our numerous wireless devices. Silent Pocket has a rich product line of accessories that easily integrate into your everyday life and will overall enhance your privacy. At Silent Pocket, we believe you don’t need to sacrifice style for security.

Faraday Cage Products:

  • Blocks the connection of any mobile device, in any country, on any network
  • Blocks GPS tracking and GEO location 
  • Protects against identity theft 
  • Protects against cell phone spying of microphone and camera
  • Blocks RFID chips in passports and credit cards
  • Blocks smart keys and electronic car keys or key fobs
  • Shields against EMR radiation
  • Shields against static shock

Faraday Phone Sleeve

Faraday Phone Sleeve By Silent PocketSilent Pocket’s Faraday Phone Sleeve protects your mobile phone when you are not using it. Our mobile phones are being tracked non-stopped by the government, big corporations like Google and Facebook, and other third-party companies. Even when you turn your phone off or on airplane mode, companies still have the ability to track your movement and activity. This Faraday phone sleeve will instantly block all signals to and from your device. This will ensure your mobile phone’s GEO location is secure and that no one is able to retrieve data from your phone.

Faraday Laptop Sleeve

Faraday Laptop Sleeve By Silent PocketVery similar to the Faraday Phone Sleeve, the Faraday Laptop Sleeve blocks all signals to and from your laptop. This laptop sleeve protects all your personal information, and any client or work files, and data stored on your computer. This physical analog solution is perfect to enhance your everyday security and is highly recommended to use when traveling. This laptop sleeve gives you the ultimate peace of mind knowing your laptop is secure and unable to be hampered with.

Key Fob Guard

Key Fob Guard By Silent PocketSilent Pocket’s Key Fob Guard will let you sleep well at night knowing your car will be in your driveway in the morning. The Key Fob Guard blocks all signals to and from your key fob. This Key Fob Guard is essential for anyone who has a keyless car ignition system or keyless entry. This sleeve will protect your car from car thieves mimicking your key signal and driving off with your car. This is a simple product that will give you peace of mind and instantly increase your security.

Faraday Backpack

Faraday Backpack By Silent PocketSilent Pocket has released a 20 Liter Faraday Backpack.This backpack is the ultimate physical and digital protection on the market! This waterproof backpack not only blocks all signals to and from your devices, but also is made of waterproof durable nylon. This waterproof backpack can withstand all the elements. This backpack is great for when you are rendering yourself off the grid in a discrete manner. This durable travel bag with an added element of security is perfect for international and domestics flights. This Faraday Backpack will not disappoint!

Silent Pocket’s Faraday cage product line is stylish and sleek with an added layer of security. It is extremely important to protect your mobile devices that have all your information and data on. Silent Pocket’s product line is a physical analog solution to enhancing your digital security and protect yourself from cybercrime. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your devices are safe and secure.

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