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How much information does your Key Fob actually store?

June 14, 2019 2 min read

How much information does your key fob store?

How Does Faraday Bag For Car Keys Work?

Key fobs emit signals in a simple way using a technology called radio frequency (RF). Inside the key fob, there is a small electronic device that contains a transmitter. When you press a button on the key fob, it sends a signal to the receiver in your car or another device.

When the receiver in the car or device detects the radio waves at that specific frequency, it recognizes the signal and performs the desired action. For example, if you press the "lock" button on the key fob, the receiver in the car receives the signal and locks the doors.

Our key fob covers have a built-in Faraday cage that blocks the signals in order to prevent keyless entry cars. Faraday bags are designed to prevent any external devices, or car thieves to intercept your key fob’s signal. Car thieves use techniques like relay attacks to capture the signal from a key fob, amplify it, and trick the car into thinking the key fob is nearby.

Faraday bag for car keys acts as a barrier that isolates the key fob from the outside world, creating a protective shield against unauthorized access.

How Much Information Does Your Key Fob Actually store?

As we have covered before, car theft is no longer about breaking windows but now entails a lot of computer work. Many car manufacturers work to secure the cars themselves and spend countless hours on fine tuning their technology, but just how much of that is spent on the most accessible part of the car, the key fob.

Wireless entry and start may seem like a step in the right direction as far as automation but it is not the best for your personal security.

Two Labs in Europe, Goth Laboratory and Lockmasters Group, specialize on lock mechanisms in vehicles, buildings and more for government agencies and insurance companies. They have found that in the modern car many aspects, such as the central computer, and the locks and keys, can all be hacked to obtain entry. While you may have seen this in action in your latest spy movie, keep in mind that this is also being used by the last car thieves.

In more recent use cases, these companies have the capability of taking your key fob and getting a read out of the VIN, Mileage of the car, the last time it was driven, and even the fuel level, and if that isn't scary enough newer versions have capabilities to store GPS Data.

These companies are using their technology largely to break down fraud or to aid the government, but it needs to be talked about on the consumer level. The technology is out there so what are you doing?

Storing your car's key fob, especially if it is a higher end model, in a portable Faraday key fob cover is the easiest and simplest protection for your car. Simply drop your keys inside while you are not driving and have the security and peace of mind of our patented protection.


This article was updated & reviewed by SLNT's Privacy Experts on 5/16/2023.