Is my camera recording me?

October 31, 2017 1 min read

is facebook accessing my camera

It wasn't that long ago that apps on your phone didn't ask for permission. Now your operating software prompts you when an app wants to access your camera, microphone, contacts, pictures and really everything that is private about you.

But why is it ALL access or NO access?

With the release of the iPhone X facial recognition and constant monitoring of users facial reactions come into questions. View here...

We like to consider ourselves an analog solution for a complicated problem, and if you own one of your products you understand this. Our Privacy Stickers for your smart phone camera allow you to simply cover up your webcam with a removable and reusable sticker. It is the simpliest product we offer that helps curb one of the most complicated and debated problems with your smartphone's front and back camera.

While we can't control the software that is handed to us from companies like Apple and Samsung, we can control you gets to see us naked.

For less than a sandwich you can start protecting yourself and your family today with our new Privacy Sticker colors.

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