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SLNT Berry Compliant Gear: 100% Sourced and Made in USA

October 07, 2022 3 min read

berry compliant Faraday bag

Whether you're an American patriot or a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor who values domestically-produced products, it's important to know aboutThe Berry Amendment. While many companies claim to offer products made in the USA, how can you be sure? Unless every element of a product is sourced and made in the USA, it is not legitimate berry-compliant gear.  


What Does Made in the USA Really Mean? 

When you purchase Berry Compliant products, you can feel confident knowing that every fiber of that product is sourced from and made in the USA. 

Most American flag and Made in USA labels represent products that begin with foreign materials, are slightly modified or assembled in the U.S., then marketed as "Made in the USA." In truth, an American company has only sewn a few stitches into a Chinese-made product, added a label, and repackaged the item for unsuspecting Americans.

Does that method of production deem them worthy of a USA label? We don't think so.

Faraday bag made in USA


What is The Berry Amendment?

The Berry Amendment is a United States law passed in 1941 that requires the Department of Defense to purchase only those items made in America.

This law was originally designed to protect the American manufacturing industry during a time of war, World War II. The original intent of this law was to ensure that the United States had a capable and independent defense industry.

This law applies to any item the Department of Defense purchases, including clothing, food, tents, and military equipment. The Berry Amendment requires these items to be manufactured in the U.S., which includes military uniforms and other textile products like sheets, towels, and blankets.*

The Berry Amendment has recently extended to civilian agencies such as NASA; however, it still doesn't apply to all federal agencies, including hospitals or schools.

*Berry compliance is not required for DoD sales for some purchase amounts. SLNT makes them available for purchase in small to large quantities to meet a variety of needs. 


Products Affected by The Berry Amendment

According to theInternational Trade Administration, funding dedicated to the DoD is restricted to purchasing products solely grown and produced in the United States.This requirement came in response to rampant reports of foreign-made products used on U.S. military bases and personnel. Items covered by The Berry Amendment include:

  • Clothing materials and components include outerwear, headwear, underwear, nightwear, footwear, hosiery, handwear, belts, badges, and insignia. For additional guidance and examples, see  PGI 225.7002-1(a)(2);

  • Tents and the structural components of tents, including tarpaulins and covers;

  • Cotton and other natural fiber products;

  • Woven silk or woven silk blends;

  • Spun silk yarn for cartridge cloth;

  • Synthetic fabric or coated synthetic material, including all textile fibers and yarns that are for use in such fabrics;

  • Canvas products;

  • Wool (whether in the form of fiber or yarn or contained in fabrics, materials, or manufactured articles); and

  • Any item of individual equipment (Federal Supply Class 8465) manufactured from or containing such fibers, yarns, fabrics, or materials manufactured in the United States.


SLNT Berry Compliant Products are TAA Compliant

When you purchase tactical gear that qualifies for Berry compliance, you can feel confident that your gear is also  TAA Compliant. TAA compliance excludes products and services that originate from the following non-compliant countries:

  • China

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • Iraq

  • Iran

  • Pakistan

  • Malaysia

  • Sri Lanka

  • Russia

Berry compliance supersedes the requirements for TAA compliance. SLNT goes above and beyond to ensure that our military service members and civilians have authentic, trustworthy products. When you choose SLNT products, you're supporting American workers and companies from start to finish.



Berry Compliant Backpacks & Faraday Bags

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