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The Overlooked Cause of Infertility: How Non-Native EMFs Hurt Your Chances of Conceiving

July 05, 2023 4 min read

emf exposure

Have you heard that putting your cell phone in your pocket can destroy sperm quality?

If so, you’re among many people learning how true it is.

Not only is the radiation from your phone (and other wireless and Bluetooth devices) documented to decrease sperm count, but it also decreases sperm motility and viability and has been known to induce pathological changes in sperm and testes morphology. 

But the harmful effects of non-native EMFs on reproductive health and fertility extend far beyond this.

Several studies have shown strong correlations between exposure to nnEMFs (especially those within proximity to the body) and increased risk of spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, and fetal abnormalities, as well as harmful effects on oocytes, ovarian follicles, endometrial tissue, estrogen balance, reproductive endocrine hormones, developing embryo, and fetal development in animal models.

What happens inside the cell that results in all these damaging effects associated with nnEMF exposure?

Non-native EMFs are invisible waves of electromagnetic energy.

Big Industry assumes this is not harmful because the radiation is “non-ionizing.” Meaning, it will not directly mutate our DNA.

However, hundreds of studies have shown that non-ionizing radiation is supremely detrimental at the cellular level.

One way it causes damage is by flooding the cell with excessive intracellular calcium. This creates a danger signal inside the cell that also forces mitochondrial dysfunction because they need to assist in calcium sequestering alongside the endoplasmic reticulum. 

If calcium isn’t sequestered, it results in increased nitric oxide levels, which not only impair electron flow through the mitochondrial electron transport chain but also increase free radicals, including peroxynitrite and the hydroxyl radical, which are very damaging to the cell, including causing massive damage to mitochondrial health.

To make matters worse, without electron flow through the mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC), you get a significant reduction in intracellular water and ATP— both ETC products essential to healthy cellular function.

Remember, the most mitochondrially dense part of the body is the oocyte (egg), which can contain over one million mitochondria. This means that nnEMF exposure can damage oocyte health, including fertilization, which requires healthy mitochondrial energy levels. 

In light of all this, it makes sense that infertility levels are skyrocketing and that even alternative ways of supporting fertility (acupuncture, nutrition, etc.) are less impactful than they once were. Unlike 100 years ago, we are now exposed to over 10¹⁸ more nnEMFs. And unfortunately, every nnEMF ever emitted (cell phone radiation, wifi, radar, radio) gets trapped between Earth's surface and the ionosphere, creating a literal microwave oven effect on this grander scale.

These data aren’t meant to drive up fear—only awareness. So, I want to provide valuable suggestions regarding nnEMF exposure, especially for those trying to conceive.

What can be done, then?

We must stop using/placing wireless devices on or near our bodies whenever possible. This includes cell phones, laptops, wireless headphones, smartwatches, and data trackers.

It also includes using things like Faraday bags, pouches, and sleeves whenever possible. 

It would benefit everyone to hardwire their computers by connecting via an ethernet cable and also using a wired mouse, keyboard, and monitor. (It’s old school, but it works great!)

In addition, it’s essential to make your sleeping environment low-EMF. Do this by turning off your Wi-Fi at night, flipping the circuit breaker off to the outlets in your bedroom, and putting your phone on airplane mode (ideally in a Faraday pouch and another room entirely) while sleeping. 

If you’ve accrued mitochondrial damage and excessive oxidative stress in conjunction with nnEMF exposure, sleep is when the body heals from this damage. The healing effect of sleep is further enhanced by adequate melatonin levels (the melatonin your pineal gland makes, not the kind you can get from a supplement). Minimizing exposure to blue-light-emitting screens and bulbs after dark is essential to support melatonin production. 

Other simple ways to reduce nnEMF exposure include throwing out your microwave, unplugging devices and appliances when not in use, and simply limiting the amount of time you use devices emitting nnEMFs. 

Another underestimated support strategy is spending time in nature. 

Unlike the chaotic frequencies emitted by wireless devices, the frequencies found in nature, such as the Schumann Resonance, natural sounds like birdsong and running water, and the effect one gets when touching bare skin to the Earth (grounding or Earthing) have profound healing effects that can be felt in the nervous system all the way down to the mitochondria. 

I have seen nnEMFs as the barrier preventing people from conceiving even after doing everything else "perfectly."

And while it may seem daunting to mitigate them, start with small, consistent changes, and you can begin to see a significant impact. 

Add in time in Nature, and the healing effect is greatly enhanced.

Interested in learning more? Check out my online course with Sarah Kleiner called Quantum Fertility. New cohorts open about once a quarter.


Carrie Bennet

Author Bio: Carrie Bennett holds multiple degrees in biology, nutrition, and bodywork, Carrie's relentless enthusiasm to learn has made her one of the leading educators in the emerging field of quantum biology. She combines deep research and clear explanations of the complex quantum mechanisms at play in the human body to teach people how to use light, water, and nature to thrive. Carrie is a sought-after speaker and guest lecturer, and she currently sees clients in her online practice. She is also the lead faculty member and on the Board of Advisors for the Quantum Biology Collective, the world’s premier certification for Applied Quantum Biology in clinical practice.

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