The Story Behind the E3 Collection: An Interview with SLNT Aaron Zar Founder and Byron Brodowicz Director of Product and Innovation

January 22, 2023 3 min read

Byron Brodowicz and Aaron Zar

Have you wondered what inspired the new  SLNT E3 Collection? Get the answers straight from the source! Get an exclusive look into the journey of creating the E3 Collection and how it has revolutionized everyday gear. 

Find out what inspired Aaron and Byron, and learn about their collection's impact on the industry. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look into SLNT’s most innovative collection yet.


How is E3 different from other SLNT products?

Aaron: E3 is the culmination of 10+ years in business as a brand, combining our original Faraday sleeve with a sustainable set of materials as one aspect. It's a true mash-up of our best work in a new form with the best materials you can source today. 

Byron: The E3 collection differs from other SLNT products as it takes our utility and functionality and integrates that into beautiful, everyday products for people to use more universally in their daily lives.


E3 Faraday tote bag

What does E3 stand for? 

Aaron: Everyday, everything, everywhere. But beyond that, it means empowerment to me as a symbiotic relationship between man, mobile devices, and movement throughout the world. 

Byron: E3 stands for inclusivity. We want these products to reach more people and impact their daily lives in a positive, healthy way.


crossbody bag

What inspired you, and why did you create E3?

Aaron: We felt like we deserved to take a shot at creating something new and focused on the benefit of the end user in today's world. Few brands stand up for the individual—we are the rebel and the creator guiding the way so our customers can be the hero in their own destinies. 

Byron:The inspiration came from two places. One, to reach more people and affect their daily lives in some good way. Two, to push the design boundaries of everyday carry products while integrating our Faraday utility. 


laptop tote bag

How does E3 stand out compared to other everyday carry brands? 

Aaron: Our products feature Patented Silent Pocket signal-blocking Faraday tech tastefully integrated into the bag, sustainable materials, and unique organization. We didn't overdo it as many bags do. E3 is the first collection truly built with privacy, security, and health by design. 

Byron:E3 uses a set of materials and trims that are of a premium quality and durability standard while also pushing the boundaries of sustainability. The placement and functionality of each feature are designed to make your daily carry a fun, smooth experience. The collection is beautiful, sustainable, and—the key differentiator—keeps your digital identity safe and secure. E3 allows you to drop off the grid while looking good.


Aaron Zar opening a Faraday bag


Why did you choose these three E3 silhouettes? 

Aaron: They’re easily bundled together without being redundant. These are the three best ways to carry stuff. 

Byron:They’re classic and timeless with a futuristic twist. They’re complimentary to each other and make sense as a collection that can be owned head-to-toe.


Faraday backpack

If you could tell customers one thing about E3, what would it be? 

Aaron: You deserve the right to reclaim your right to disconnect. 

Byron: Take a chance on something new; your digital data and mental health will benefit. You’ll also look and feel good using these products.

everyday backpack

How do you hope E3 makes an impact on the industry and the world? 

Aaron: It isn't just about a cool design, brand, and price; it’s about utility that truly impacts one’s livelihood.

Byron:I hope it encourages people to protect their digital life and—most of all—improves their mental health by  disconnecting from their devices a little more.


Faraday bags

What can we expect from SLNT in the future? 

Aaron: Wearables, luggage, and large-form factors in the hands of every modern warfighter. 

Byron:Innovation in a wider range of products. Our mission is to positively impact more people with more relevant products used in daily life.

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