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Alejandro Martinez Notte Reviews Silent Pocket

October 07, 2018 1 min read

Silent Pocket Checkbook Wallet
Alejandro Martinez Notte from TelAire recently reviewed a couple of our products for his Spanish Speaking Travel audience. While using our products he noticed that Silent Pocket was key in taking the everyday accessories that transported items such as phones, credit  cards, and computers, and designing the accessories with digital security in mind.
He first looked at our Checkbook Wallet, describing it as built with fine leather construction. As well as an excellent way to organize all your cards and cash, by holding up to 20 cards, and two bill compartments for all your cash needs. While simultaneously protecting agains RFID and NFC technology

Next up for review was the Faraday Cage Sleeve, which he describes as integral to personal digital security, as the smartphone has become integral to everyday life. The Faraday Sleeve is described by Alejandro as an elegant piece with multiple aspects of comfort and safety as well as a nice Leather Finish. The case blocks any radiation that your phone will emit, protecting us from the radioactive frequencies of the device, and any external wireless connection to a chip containing device, i.e. credit cards or passports.