i-Radiation: The EMF Your Phone Generates

October 18, 2019 4 min read

i-Radiation: The EMF Your Phone Generates

iRadiation: The EMF Your Phone Generates

Guest Blog Post by Garrett Mullennix


We were always told not to stand in front of the microwave when it is on. And for good reason, but I think we have forgotten the reason why in our technology driven world.

You sound savvy if you compare your cell phone to the dangers of cigarettes. But now this is starting to become the reality. EMF radiation is now being considered a possiblecarcinogen by the World Health Organization.

World health organization electromagnetic fields


Electric and magnetic fields are emitting radiation everywhere we go. And the device you are reading this off is currently emitting it.If you read the J.K. Rowling sized novel of an owner’s manual that came with your phone, then you would know your phone should always be at least 1 inch from the body. 

It never is.

Cell phones, laptops, and tablets are all emitting radiation that is inflicting damage on your DNA. The iPhone 7 and 8 both were over the legal limits ofradiation mandated by the FCC. As well as 3 different Samsung devices. The iPhone 8 test was then redone under “Apple’s preferred settings” which allowed them to pass. A weird parallel to the impact financial influence can have in an industry like we have seen with cigarettes. Starting to sound savvy right?

The phone in your hand is likely out of regulation and emitting non safe levels of the magnetic radiation constantly if it is not in an EMF Protection sleeve orfaraday bag.

WhenThe Chicago Tribune did their own investigations they placed the cell phones 2mm from the body, simulating your phone in your pocket. The results were worse. The Samsung 8 was 5 times over the safe limits. Sorry Android users, you lose again.

The FCC states that, “limit for public exposure from cellular telephones is an SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg).” 

Keep that in mind when looking at the charts below that were  taken from the Chicago Tribune;

iphone 7 radiation levels   Samsung Galaxy radiation levels

iPhone 8 radiation levels

The iPhone 8 when 2mm from your body is nearly double the safe level. 

If you look at the table below you can see that what was measured in the charts above do actually affect what is going on with your brain during a phone call. Which puts things into a better perspective.

 mobile phone radiation and the brain 

Laptops and tablets emit even more EMF radiation exposure due to the WiFi antenna within them. Which is to be expected. 

For reference, you can gauge the amount of GHz electromagnetic radiation in different items from the chart below.

electromagnetic spectrum

Microwaves are built with this electromagnetic radiation in mind (unlike your laptop). They have certain covers and engineered elements to withhold the majority of the radiation. But we carry our laptops by our side or on our back in a bag that likely does not have EMF radiation protection. Leaving you exposed to the same radiation levels as a microwave that likely left your food cold in the middle. Not the most extremely detrimental but it is still frightening.

We don’t notice it, but we are almost always in conflict with the novel sized terms that were mentioned at the beginning of this. 

The reality is we are not going to be moving away from this. That is just how the world is going. Putting us closer to non-ionizing radiation levels far above deemed safe.

We saw the same thing in the car industry when cars had only been around for a short period of time. It was as the death toll frequently rose we began to learn the dangers of cars. Society collectively agreed that seatbelts were needed as a safety precaution. This example is how the majority of the industries learn. A lot of health risks or deaths are needed before an industry puts forth a new protective measure.

History only tends to repeat itself when it is detrimental. This seems to be the way we are heading with more powerful devices, 5G, and the growth of hours logged in front of something with a WiFi antenna.

It only seems like we are heading down a route that requires more use of electronics. And with our daily necessities being common sources of non-ionizing radiation. There should be more precautionary measures we should make as these phones are much closer to our bodies than the industry safety standards have them perceived as.

phone and faraday sleeve

Odds are you currently experience numerous side effects from EMF exposure. Headaches, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, dysesthesia (itchy sensation), change in memory, and lack of concentration are a few of the common effects of EMF radiation.

EMF exposure has been studied and warned about for decades. The US Navy has2,300 studieson the health effects of this radiation.2.45 GHz WiFi has even been shown to be a major factor in brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. 

We know that consistent overexposure to the sun can cause cancer. Society then subjectively came to the conclusion that we should protect against this danger by using sunscreen. But studies are showing that man-made EMF radiation may be worse than natural EMFs, like UV rays.

The World Health Organization even warns about the dangers of these types of radiation causing cancer, but we seem to forget that every time the iPhone adds another camera. 

So if we know better than to stand in front of a microwave, then why is there one in your hand?

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