Why Use a Faraday Bag?

With the ever growing amount of internet connected devices we carry on our person every day, our sensitive and personal data is at risk. That is why the use of aFaraday Bag or Faraday Cage Sleeve is so important - because they block ALL signals to and from your wireless device.


What Is A Faraday Cage?

what is a Faraday cage


AFaraday cage is an interesting term for any enclosure that is used to block electromagnetic fields.   It is named after the inventor,Michael Faraday, who officially came up with the idea in 1836.

A Faraday cage works the way it does because it will typically have a metallic enclosure that completes a circuit by conducting these electric frequencies around the outside of said enclosure.

It terms of our products, they use an embedded, proprietary metallic fabric blend that is engineered together precisely in such a way that it forms a complete circuit around your phone, tablet, or laptop.  


Why Do I Need To Use A Faraday Bag?

That’s a great question.   

Why you need to use a Faraday Bag specifically comes down to the types of ways our wireless devices can be hacked these days:

1.)  Smart phones can be hacked without your knowledge.  A good rule of thumb is anything that is connected to the internet can be hacked, and your cell phone is certainly on that list.  Connecting to an unsecured WiFi without your knowledge and phishing are the two most common.

2.)  Skimming passport data is extremely easy.  Anything with an RFID chip is vulnerable to attack, and the personal information on your passport is no exception.  A skimming machine can lift (read: steal) that data from several feet away without you ever knowing it has occurred.  This is most often used as the start of stealing someone’s identity.

3.)  Hackers can break into almost any office with electronics bought on Amazon.  Using gear bought on Amazon, hackers can clone your office access badge from 3 feet away within seconds, and once again, you’ll never know it happened - until your office is cleaned out, that is.

4.)  The RFID chips on credit and debit cards are also easily skimmed remotely. In nearly the exact same fashion as skimming of office access badges and passports, the RFID chip on our credit and debit cards can also be skimmed remotely and also without your knowledge.


What Makes SLNT Faraday Bags So Amazing?

We’re happy you asked that question as well!

Our Faraday bags use the most advanced shielding material available today. Sure, there are many types of metallic shielding material, and as the old saying goes, you will definitely get what you pay for there.  Cheaper fabric will not block signals as well, it tarnishes, and the fibers themselves break easily.  What this will mean for you is that over time, a cheaper shielding material will start to break down, and will eventually allow signal leakage.  If the fibers break, then the circuit cannot be completed and this renders the Faraday cage pouch useless.

If you need a Faraday bag and do not have one, you're gonna have a bad time.