Your work may stop when your laptop closes, but hackers can infiltrate whether your device is open or shut. Security starts when you slide your computer in a Silent Pocket laptop faraday sleeve.

Living in a remote-working world means that we rely on our laptops more than ever. A Silent Pocket sleeve on an off duty device means your laptop becomes invisible to hackers and trackers, allowing you to continue to work, connect and collaborate safely and securely.

Silent Pocket sleeves allow you to use your laptop confidently while knowing your health, privacy and security is being protected from hackers and radiation.

As featured in Wired, Forbes and more, Silent Pocket is trusted by the military, business leaders, travelers and governments around the world.

Let’s get you geared up.

Unsurprisingly our phones are the biggest threat, with tablets and laptops being close behind. And it’s now necessary to carry a solution that protects us from hacking, 5G radiation, location tracking, adverse health effects and privacy breaches. Our personal, family and business information depends on it.