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As a member of a government body, your devices house the most confidential and valuable information in the world.

“Cyber criminals, hackers and foreign adversaries are becoming more sophisticated and capable every day in their ability to use the Internet for nefarious purposes.” - The National Security Agency

“I use Silent Pocket to stay anonymous. The threat to our personal information has never been greater. I want the power to protect my own privacy, and not leave it in the hands of operating systems and software” - Marcus Capone, highly decorated US Navy Seal and Founder of security firm

“I carry my Silent Pocket faraday bag with me at all times and my phone is inside it more than out. I trust SIlent Pocket to block all invasive signals to the sensitive devices carried by me and my clients. They are absolutely mandatory during meetings with highly targeted individuals” - Michael Bazzell, Author / Privacy consultant

“Every day, the Defense Department thwarts 36 million emails full of malware, viruses and phishing schemes from hackers, terrorists and foreign adversaries trying to gain unauthorized access to military systems” -NextGov

Now is the time to be undetectable.

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It’s simple. The most powerful people require the most powerful protection.

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