Media Buyer


The mission of the Media Buyer is to strategically acquire impactful advertising space across diverse channels, including digital platforms like Meta and Google, as well as traditional media outlets. This role is dedicated to optimizing our advertising investments, enhancing brand visibility, and driving customer acquisition by leveraging data-driven insights and creative strategy alignment.


  • Achieve a ROAS of 2+ on Meta and Google platforms.
  • Attain a ROAS of 1.5+ or higher on other media outlets.
  • Maintain healthy KPIs relevant to media buying effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Manage and optimize CAC to ensure it aligns with our profitability goals and market positioning.
  • Research and pitch new advertising channels and outlets

Job Title: Media Buyer

Department: Marketing

Part time with the potential to grow into a full time role. 

Job Summary: We are seeking an experienced Media Buyer to join our dynamic marketing team. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in purchasing and negotiating placements for Meta Ads, Google Paid Ads, and various traditional media outlets. The role involves managing evolving campaign mixes, executing strategic testing, providing creative direction, and analyzing performance to drive customer acquisition and growth.

Key Responsibilities:

Meta Media Buying:

  •  Act as a dedicated meta-specialized media buyer.
  •  Manage adaptable and evolving campaigns on Meta platforms.
  • Conduct consistent and thoughtful testing of inputs like creative, landing pages, etc.
  • Provide creative direction, including ideation, iteration, and sharing best practices and trends.

Google Media Buying:

  • Serve as a specialized media buyer for Google platforms.
  • Handle evolving and adaptable campaign mix management.
  • Manage and optimize Google shopping product feeds.
  • Perform thoughtful testing of campaign types, bidding strategies, landing pages, etc.

Growth Strategy:

  • Develop a comprehensive customer acquisition strategy considering the entire paid media mix.
  • Analyze KPIs for actionable insights.
  • Ensure integration of paid media with other acquisition and retention channels.
  • Conduct financial analysis to assess the impact of advertising on top and bottom lines.
  • Provide light forecasting assistance as needed.

Traditional Media Buying:

  • Plan and purchase media space/time in traditional outlets, including podcasts, live reads, TV, and radio.
  • Negotiate with media outlets to secure advantageous terms.
  • Stay updated with trends and best practices in traditional media buying
Cross-Platform Campaign Coordination:
  • Coordinate campaigns across various platforms for cohesive and effective advertising efforts.
  • Work closely with creative teams to ensure alignment with media strategies.

Reporting and Analysis:

  • Monitor campaign performance and provide regular reports.
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.


  • Proven experience as a Media Buyer, with specific expertise in Meta and Google Ads.
  • Strong understanding of media buying in traditional outlets (TV, radio, podcasts).
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Has managed over $5M in ad spend

Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to set priorities, multi-task, and meet deadlines.

Maintain Clear Communication between the different departments and how their different needs work together.

A quick learner who is able to problem solve and work towards a solution with an understanding of the first principle problem being solved for.

An analytical thinker who uses data to align and drive the business towards its goals and overall strategies.

Team-oriented with amazing communication skills, a positive attitude, and consistent energy.

Excellent time management and follow-up skills.

You can handle difficult situations with grace while under pressure.

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