Everyday Anti-Theft collection

Your first step into digital and personal security is a theft-resistant, hack-proof everyday pack from the Pacsafe® X SLNT® Anti-theft collection.

Take back your privacy and your security with a tamper-proof bag that protects your data as well as it protects your gear. Our patented Silent Pocket® device sleeve keeps you safe from unseen digital threats while state-of-the-art anti-theft measures like tamper-proof zippers, slash-resistant fabrics, and carry-safe® straps keep your belongings secure.

Go Well. Go SLNT.



Our electronic devices leave a digital trail. It tells the story of where we’ve been, who we connect with, and what we’ve been doing. If your device is active: You can be tracked. You can be hacked. Your information can be compromised, and you are at risk of physical threats.






In an always-on digital world, you need an always-ready solution to digital privacy. Built to military specs The Pacsafe® X SLNT® Anti-Theft Collection secures your gear while blocking digital signals, making you untraceable, and unhackable. It’s the only solution that goes with you everywhere, protects your data and your health, and never needs recharging.




A Smarter, Safer Everyday Carry.
All day. Every day


Keep your belongings secure and protected from unseen threats. Each product utilizes patented Pacsafe® tamper-proof and anti-theft features to ensure that your physical safety is secured.


Lock up your digital life and protect yourself from digital threats. Become untraceable, and take control over when and how you connect to the internet. The patented Silent Pocket® sleeve in these tamper-proof, anti-theft bags means your digital safety is secured, along with your peace of mind.


Take back your time and attention span by taking control of your digital life. You decide when you want to be connected and when you don’t. Protect yourself from EMF radiation, decrease your screen time, and take a well-earned break from an always-on digital lifestyle.

pacsafe x sln antitheft collection backpack in front of train pacsafe x slnt antitheft collection sling on back in front of train pacsafe x slnt antitheft collection sling sitting down taking out faraday sleeve pacsafe x slnt antitheft collection backpack antiheft locking zippers pacsafe x slnt recycled water bottle exterior

Everyday Anti-Theft Backpack

A bag you can trust. First of its kind, sustainable, secure, and available to anyone that wants to reclaim control of their impact on their own lives and the planets.

Everyday Anti-Theft Sling

For when you just need the essentials, and maybe a tad more. This grab and go bag offers the change to lock down your belongings from any physical and digital threats.

Removable Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeves

The Anti-Theft Sling and Backpack both feature a removable Patented Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve with Multishield® that offers signal blocking protection to any device.

Full of Features

Each product features multiple Anti-Theft solutions to ensure that when traveling or commuting that only YOU are the one accessing your belongings.

Recycled Water Bottle Exterior

Each product features a recycled plastic bottle exterior for a sustainable everyday carry.


We’re trusted because we’ve earned it.

Pacsafe® and SLNT® have been innovating the security of the products you love since 1998.

We have brought security and peace of mind to thousands, become globally trusted innovators while faithfully serving globetrotting travelers, businesses, and the military.


A bag you can trust.

First of its kind, sustainable, secure, available to anyone that wants to reclaim control of their impact on their own lives and the planets.




Built like Fort Knox. But way sexier.

When lightweight and stealth are the only options you need—secure your digital privacy and your belongings in a full-featured sling with style to burn.



There are countless digital and physical threats in your everyday life as you commute, travel, and move. Pacsafe® and SLNT® have doubled down to bring you peace of mind everyday.

As more of our world moves into digital interfaces (i.e. no more physical car keys, information in the cloud, etc.) we all have a bigger potential for risk in our day-to-day lives. Being hacked sucks.

At the same time, there’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding out that your wallet or passport is missing.

Take total control of your digital footprint with an anti-theft range of bags designed to protect your data as well as it protects your gear, from unseen threats and prying eyes.

Secure your digital life and your valuables with legendary anti-theft features such as Pacsafe® lockable zippers, tamper-proof buckles, slash-resistant textiles, and our patented Silent Pocket® Faraday cage technology for the privacy and security of all your possessions–the digital and the physical.

The Pacsafe® x SLNT® collaboration brings next-level security to your daily commute, with an Always Ready solution for your data, privacy, and travel protection.



Go Well. Go SLNT.